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Trickler.com - Looking 4ward to New Operations in T.dot


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Hey Guys

Just had to stop by and Say that myself and Ty are looking forward to our upcoming move to Toronto.

I cant wait to hook up with Chu, Angus, Marty again and I look forward to meeting all the heads there!

St Pats 2k02 0 Trickler T.0 3yr pr0c33d

Thanx to all Canadian's Everywhere for the last 3 years!

And for anyone who wants a little light reading and beats The Site currently has features on KrayMon who won BT's"Get Out there" awards in 2000, a full Danny Macmillan Feature and unreleased Tracks, Shur-I-Kan, Trona, EK, Tipper - Fuel - um - alot more too - Hyper and Si Begg Interviews there too =) and all our homegrown boys (check out Silent Q)

Upcoming will be Phil Kieran interview, Lowdown from IL'S and a full FUEL records discography, along with continued reviews of all sorts of crazy stuff ...

I just thought I would let ya know...

Anyways - Peace freq's and keep pushing as it will only go forward

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did I ferget a dawg?

I read my post and left out a guy who has shown faith in me before so I am sorry...

Dan Rice!

Maybe It will do me good to get away from this BC Bud? Nawwwww =)