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Tribers! I'm going to Haiti on a medical mission, would love your support!

queen naeema

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Hi Tribe!

I'm down here in Miami in nursing school. I recently was invited to go on a medical mission to Haiti, and I'm pretty excited! I'll be travelling with a team of volunteer doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, medical students and other nursing students. We will be setting up clinics in communities with no access to healthcare, and treating and educating the public.

As a member of the team, part of my duties is to fundraise a portion of the cost of the trip. I'm trying to raise $2400 by Oct 10. This money will go directly to purchasing supplies, equipment, medications, and covering the transportation, housing and security of volunteers.

I have set up a site that gives more info about me and this mission:
Send Naeema To Haiti! - Home

Haiti is a pretty fucked up place. I've been doing a lot of reading over the past short while, and am consistently shocked at the conditions over there. 80% of the population is living in poverty, with over 50% in abject poverty. Half the kids are unvaccinated, and common causes of death include diarrhea, meningitis, and respiratory infections. There is a chronic shortage of healthcare personnel, and many communities have zero access to healthcare. I could go on, but it gets grim fast.

I'd like to ask you to check out my site, and if after reading you feel to donate towards this project, your support would be greatly appreciated! I know its far from home, but its a good cause and some people in a really unfortunate situation will get some help. Any size donation is welcome, even a few dollars is appreciated! Your donations are also tax deductible! :)

Thanks a lot tribe!
Naeema (aka the queen)
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queen naeema

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Tribers just wanted to stop in and say thanks to all of you who have checked out my site! I'm getting a lot of hits from here, thanks for your interest!

I have raised just over $700 so far for this mission, which is super exciting! I have $1700 to go before oct 10. I have started a blog on my page which will detail my experience of this project, from fundraising to my travel to Haiti (if i can fundraise it all!). i posted some trailers of some films about Haiti.

thanks again!

queen naeema

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Hey Tribers!

Just wanted to update you! So far, I have raised $1900 and am sooo close to me $2400 goal, my fundraising deadline is tomorrow, Oct 10! If you checked out the site before and had considered donating, now is your chance! Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. :)

Thanks Tribe I love ya, and greetings from sunny Miami!
xo Naeema
(aka the queen)

Send Naeema To Haiti! - Home