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Tribe VS. RaveHalifax

Discussion in 'Downtempo Room' started by nwright, Dec 2, 2000.

  1. nwright

    nwright TRIBE Member

    Yes a bitter struggle for dominance has broken out between the Tribe message board and the ravehalifax board. Will the new board format for the ravehalifax board secure it's dominance or will it send internet party goers flocking to the Tribe board, only time will tell.
  2. Pat Winter

    Pat Winter TRIBE Member

    ..or will we just have to be twice the nerds?
  3. TFFY

    TFFY TRIBE Member

    Hmm, interesting thing to ponder but already it seems that Cherrybomber's are a little nervous to post in their own forum! They'll be lost out there in TRIBE land, it's a big place that doesn;t take well to New-Bs First they razz, then they'll jazz with ya but already the Cherrybomber's are easily upset by being razzed (as I have figured out heh heh) Oh my gracious self filled with pleasant comments...Big Ups to you two who know where it's at...Peace out Killah

    FreakOut or FunkOut

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