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TRIBE spottings in Hollywood

Temper Tantrum

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Our very own Loress....

KiX when did you dye your hair..?

Headwinds is looking MIGHTY stylish

Highsteppa's got his own show now

Lurch in disguise
(nahhhh he's much cuter

if Airbag and Magic White Isle had a kid....

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i dont care what you say-you look just like him! and if i knew how to work my photoshop, i would put an orange hat on him-then you'd understand
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MoFo:
Brandon does NOT look like Letterman. That is so ridiculous.

i'll agree to that....but maybe not in his highschool days. We both need a good orthodontist.

got any gum?
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Whoa! Not in the pic of you, but in real life, you DO have Letterman's hair!

But you still don't look like Dave. Maybe Conan...