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Ditto Much

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Evidently international promoters have special privileges. If any group of tribe DJ's and or promoters got together you could likely have your own float at Love Parade. Cool thing is that the floats are actually free! You'll likely end up pimping shit you don't want to pimp, but I bet it would be one hell of a good time.
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Ditto Much

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annec said:
Ditto will volunteer to dance naked, no need for duct-tape! (won't you???)

Kosmic 99,

I arrive at the line up of the architecture building at Carleton around 10 pm. Kosmic is difficult to describe at the best of times, it might be 5 rooms it might be 10 and sometimes room just mutate and develop. the line up is long at over 20 minutes in -20. But to make matters worse was the collective I was with.

At the door the police were actually doing searches. Hans (not kidding) opened his coat to reveal he was wearing duct tape leaderhosen with a tin foil cot peace. The police looks at him and says..
"i really didn't need to see that"

I'm next and I open my coat to reveal a tin foil toga. To which the only reply of the copy was "are you wearing underwear".

And then Karen opened her coat revealing the sranwrap. To which to pour Ottawa police officer responded "if I searched you and my wife found out I'd be divorced"
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