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Tribe posters...they're all around you...


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I was in the computer lab at school working on some ish tonight, and I thought I'd procrastinate and peep Tribe.

So I enter the site and notice that the V's are lit up yellow, and the site says "Welcome Back kelli"...

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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At a party the thought runs through your mind..'I wonder if that dude posts on tribe, should I ask him". But ever get that feeling at like a Burger King. hahah I have, I'm a nerd I know.


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Originally posted by rentboy
tell us another one Dave

you're really enjoying those arent you :D

if i found someones username logged in i woudl use it for evil doings.
like posting goatse.
oh goatse links...we miss you....well not that much...we really dont like staring at you...but you are like the sun...im rambling okie byes

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