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TRIBE PHOTOGS >>> Sekonic L-358 light meter


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I have one gently ( I mean gently) used Sekonic L-358 light meter for sale. It has the original box, insturctions, strap, case and Lumigrid (for reflected light meaurment).

-Rugged professional weatherproof design
-Retractable incident Lumisphere for ambient and flash
-9 reading memory for light contrast analysis
-Automatic ambient light to flash ratio calculation
-Unlimited multi-pop exposure calculation
-Cool blue backlit readout panel with auto shut-off
-Accepts the optional Sekoic RT-32 digital remote trigger module
-Dual ISO setting with Battery check
-Cine speeds from 2-360 fps
-Cord/cordless flash measuring
-Plus, optional 1, 5 and 10 degree spot viewfinders

Selling new for $360 before tax... I'll sell for $275.
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yes, this would be very nice to have indeed. there's nothing that makes a photographer look more hardcore than sending an assistant over to the subject to get a light reading.
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