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tribe geeks...hard drive help!


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hey people,

so i just bought a new hard drive, and went to install it in my system today (winxp).

i put it in my system, booted to xp, and it picked it up. it didnt show in 'my computer' probably cause it hadn't been formatted yet.

so i rebooted my computer with the western digital install disk (mistake...i should have just used fdisk). i chose the option to install and format my drive. it gave me some msg about upgrading my ezbios version, and without upgrading i wouldnt have been able to install the new drive.

i chose to upgrade...anyway, to make a long story short, it totally fucked up my hard drives.

my system wont boot, and fdisk seems to think my c drive is non-msdos, and a whole bunch of wacky shit...

so, anyone know how i can remedy the situation without a format??



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Did you set the jumpers correctly (master, slave etc.)
Did you partition it, and then format correctly?


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yep...jumpers and everything are fine.

i am actually now able to boot into windows xp, but its in some weird safe mode action...

it's the stupid ezbios thing that is fucking things up i think.

anyone know how to boot this thing in 'normal mode'?

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Dr. Grinch

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Use a DOS boot disk, Fdisk the shit out of the new drive, and hopefully that will rmeove the EZBios from it. Hopefully you haven't installed EZ-Bios on your XP drive, if so, you ain't getting it off without losing your FAT.
Fdisk sees your XP as Non-Dos because it's NTFS and DOS can't read that kind of partition.
In future when you install a new drive under 2K or XP, you can simply connect the drive, go into MANAGE when you right click MY COMPUTER and go under Disk Management and take care of all your shit there..
Good luck with the EZ-BIOS thing though..


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unfortunately, ezbios is installed on my boot drive...i dunno why i used that stupid disk, but it's done now, so whatever.

isnt there a way to reset the boot sector, and get rid of ezbios?
also, none of my drives are ntfs...



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You should be able to boot off of the ez-drive disk and get rid of the overlay it placed above your "normal" bios hard drive detection stuff... I've always been able to uninstall it when I needed to - do you have the exact version of the ez-bios you installed? Overlays aren't necessary unless you have a real old computer that has difficulty detecting large sized drives..

I'm 99% sure that fdisking any of the drives won't remedy anything - since that overlay is in place to help your system detect the hard drive (with the assumption your BIOS can't handle it) - so if your BIOS can't handle it, how could it know to detect the drive to read the overlay from it? get it? :D


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sounds like ezbios took over the master boot record on your main drive..

from dos type fdisk /mbr to clear your master boot record.

that may help



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fdisk /mbr seemed to clear up the ezbios thing, but now I get a stop error warning me about viruses and such…
also, fdisk still seems to think that my boot drive is non-msdos and that it’s 100% filled!

It thinks my c: drive is the new HD (secondary master), and I cant seem to get access to the other drives through dos...

Any ideas?

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Hey Steve,

I can't really help your cause, but how big is the new drive?


Oh, try e-mailing Alex if need be. He can usually figure shit out like this...


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I had the same problem.. It turned out I was reading the jumpers from the "what to do if your drive won't boot" section of the installation insert, I had only saw the picture of the jumpers and assumed that was the configuraton I wanted..