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TRIBE FRAT HOUSE PARTY 2001 Photos from the archives Part 1

Klubmasta Will

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Are there more than just 11 pictures? I'm not sure if I'm missing part of it.

Alex - if you can't get the permit to do another TBQ, you should do a frat/house party instead. :)
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A bunch of helped organize this. Kevin was the leader actually. That was one of the most epic nights of my life. Legendary.


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Myself, Matt Chan and Matt The Plunger(Matt The Plunger was staying there at the time, which is why we had access to it) did most of it Sunny (of course with strong support from Alex). Shoutout to Ritika and Kyle for sticking around after and helping clean, along with all the bartenders.

Great night. Long morning.
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I made some really dumb art school decorations for that. Legendary night is right. I think I made out with 5 people.


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Why do I remember arguing with Kevin about it during a meeting? Maybe a different party then.

Bartending was fun. But man, the lineup was out the door at one point and I had to tell people we were at capacity. I got boos. Haha.

And the rave goo I slipped on was all over my jeans the next day. So gross. And Joey falling all over the place. Who ended up falling asleep by a tree outside? I can't believe no one got arrested that night.
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