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TRIBE crashing chrome...

The Kid

TRIBE Member
Is this happening to anyone else? Every time I click a thread on tribe it crashes my chrome and I have to cntrl-alt-del to get it to work...
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The Kid

TRIBE Member
It's definitely not user error, this is the ONLY website that consistently crashes my browser...
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TRIBE Member
It kinda defeats the point trying to help The Kid, if he isn't going to post details on his issue. Tech support must love you. :p

What OS are you using? What version of Chrome are you using? What extensions are you using? Have you looked at the performance of your system running?
How much Pron is on your browser?


TRIBE Member
Haha ok maybe there is something to it.

Had it happen a few times when trying to post, both times it happened after popup to write your post appeared!