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tribe basketball team


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ok, this is the second 10 weeks session I've played in thisleauge. It's good ball, maybe about the level of a team of senior high school players, so unless you at least played in high school you probally won't enjoy getting stomped on.

But it fills up quickly, and he does two leagues, one that plays monday nights, and one that plays later in the week. I want to be on the monday night league starting in april.

Would any tribe people want to go in as a group for part of a singles team? That means us plus however many people needed who signed up as single players.
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I've got game!

Or wait ... maybe that's "I've got gay".

Cheers ... Ian
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I played in the friday league during the fall and the ball is pretty good. I was too late signing up for the winter league but I would definitely be down for the April league so sign me up! How did the Tribe team do in the fall? I think my team finished third.