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tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit
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I nominate MoFo for "Tribes Most Notorious Homosexual"

The winner of this category must display a keen interest in cock, provide friendship to at least (but not limited to) 1 heterosexual female (also known as a fag hag) and promote homosexuality as fun, trendy, and butt friendly. This person must also have:

- A progressive attitude towards breeder / non-breeder friendships
- vast knowledge of lubricants
- a selection of self-promoiting t-shirts

The person must also do their best to abolish all homophobic rhetoric from threads / posts by using subversive sarcasm and direct affronts to breeder social behaviours / attitudes. This person does NOT have to promote Metrosexual behaviours or Attitudes.

Ditto Much

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Originally posted by EffinHard
I nominate MoFo for "Tribes Most Notorious Homosexual"

fuck I always thought he was straight,

damn explains why he was so grabby though!!

Ditto "Thats the last time I drink a bottle of booze before agreeing to spend the night" Much

The Tesseract

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Is there a Tribe Rookie Of The Year and TRIBE MVP award up for grabs?

Someone nominate me for Rookie of the Year.
or the elmo gets it.

oh shit...
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit

Dr Funk MD

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Originally posted by The Tesseract
a muppet eating a human isn't cannabilistic bud. A muppet eating a muppet is.
I've laughed countless numbers of times when one of those big monsters would eat the little ones. Now I'll forever think of it as cannablism.

More moments of my youth ruined.


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Hunh. So this is what you guys were going on my birthday in the summer instead of wishing me a happy birthday.

Fair enough.
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