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tribe awards


TRIBE Member
Don't kill anyone for crying out loud!

I nominate OTIS for the most likely to be "Young, firm, & full of determ -ination!"

(How's that dude!?)

Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
damn groove.

hrmm I want an award.,,.. but a good one that has nothing to do with the fact I talk about myself alot or am annoying or stoopid.
damn you tribe.


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Originally posted by chooch
You....but if OTIS is sportin' one of those mustaches then...well, I'd have to say you both are. ;)
Well not yet, although my mom calls it a crustache.

Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
good I hope he isn't. thats creept hehe. He'd just need a mullet and then we could give him the mustang rocker award or something.

and thank you :D


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Originally posted by Hal-9000
Get off the guy's dick already. He didnt like Tiga's set, get the fuck over it. The only whining is from you and Drama Queen.
for the record...

he was trying to get on my dick.

but he was so rude about it, i had to let him go.


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I nominate BBB for the most meanie person who takes your emotions and rails them like coke.

I also nominate Steevee for best dressed.