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Tribe 8 Year!


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awesome night

amazing music, especially Dekoze!!!

thanks alex and congrats

Astroboy out...
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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But, tonight I got ruined!!! I have no idea why, but all I know is, it felt gooooood!! Hahahahaha.


But, In my drunken state, I let some girl take advantage of me and she smoked me up. *sigh*

Then, it was ALL over! Hahaha..It was nice to meet some of you *Madnezz, and hell I forgot the rest of ya, maybe it's cause you didn't shake your booty in my face like Laura did, hahaha*.

Anyways, it was an decent night, too bad I was confused and not able to dance for most of the night.



I had such a great time last night!
Laurent Garnier play one of, if not the best, set I have ever heard.

However, my wonderful night was ruined when I returned to my car to find that some fucker had broken in to my car and stolen my stereo, 25 CD's as well as my friends phone.
To the person resposiblem, if I find you, and then I will cut your heart out with a rusty pair of hedge trimmers and show it to you as you die.


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Hmm...well I am still up and about to go off to bed..
Lori, Amy..grrls you're awesome

Joey..nice ta meet ya
Duncan!! hehe I will remember you w/o your hat!
Jay..I looked everywhere for you to say goodbye

Other Jay..you know you're the bestest! You too Dave

And of course happy bday to Allie and Anna and of course AlexD who was extra super nice last night

And I had a blast..the music was awesome..I was dancin right until the end..

*yaWn* ZZzzzzzzzzz
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Hail ye!

It's 6:46am.. i'm at home. Sleep? No. (NO + very definitive and most persistent dot)

The music, i have to (sadly) admit, was not quite what i expected. Downstairs was a little bit slow (i'm into nu.. not a big fan of old skool. oh oh .. i'm going to get fire for saying that) and upstairs was kind of not .. well .. not the dark techno that i adore and was so eagerly anticipating.

NEVERTHELESS... and mostly thanks to the great people i met there, i was dancing my ASS off.. I believe anyone who saw me can confirm that
(I was the guy in the red V and SNUG jeans) I do not give a damn about how i am going to feel tomorrow, since i'm not even sure if i'm going to wake up.. ever :0.. although if i will some how manage to do so, i expect sharp pains in about.. um.. probably every single part of my body.

OK, let's see whom i met from Tribe board (in chronological order)

Kate - kate kate kate.. i wish alexd would have kept u as the tribe gurrl for another year.. you sooooo represent the scene! Btw.. thanks for talking to Robin.

Aphrodite - You vixen
ICQ me already!! 37224333!! Oh thanks for introducing me to your crew.

CC - it was nice meeting you.. now ,actually, i notice ALOT of posts made by you. Amazing how you pay attention to things depending on your level of familiarity with them

e. riot - Just said hi to you. I think you were for some reason the happiest girl there.

J-Hi/Headwinds crew - You both were amazing as always!! it's been a real pleasure .. once again.. to hang out with you!!
Brandon - how's u'r leg doing?.. non the less u were dancing like there's no tomorrow!

Jess - smiling as always
READ "100 yrs of solitude" ASAP!!!. P.S. gimme a shout about Vital tomorrow!! i'm defenitely reaching!

starr - I'm ssooooooo sowwwy i ddint remember you from renegades
.. my memory is a real bitch.. But i'll defenitely remember you from now on!

Rukkus - Some noise inside!! Why arent you posting man?? btw thanx for the compliment

(psssst.. big no to drinkin'n'drivin man!)

T. Tantrum - who was that girl you were kissing so passionately? That was beautiful!

I met alot of people there but as i said.. my memory is a real bitch so i apologize in advance for not including most of them here. I really am!

Right.. now that i'm done with trying to articulate this desperate attempt of saying THANK YOU to you all.. i'm going to hit the hash and expect most of my incredible memories from this nite to be hoplelessly erased by some 12 hours of deep unconsciousness


(nah way too dramatic i think.. will try to do better next time


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hat a wicked night.
Great to see a bunch of familiar faces, and to meet some new ones as well.
Everyone was having a blast at Turbo last night. The upstairs was pretty packed, but downstairs was almost empty for the old school sets.
I guess everyone that came wanted to see the man...Laurent Garnier. His set started a little slow, but just kept building until it was a full out sonic assault.
Superb mixing and great track selection for all of the 4 hours he graced the decks.
Gaurnier played all over the spectrum from smooth to hard techno, house, trance, and even some tech-breaks near the end.
What made this set was his closing track though. After wowing the crowd with the pounding techno he smoothly mixed in some familiar sounding vocals...then...boom! The man drops DILLINJA's REMIX of Love is Not A Game!!!! Out of nowhere! Holy shit!!!!! I think it caught the crowd a little off guard.

But what a way to end the night!
I must say that because of his perfect mixing, and that covered so many genres, that Garnier's set was one of the best I've ever heard.


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Wow. Where do I begin with such a night? It was a never ending saga of tribe politics, scandals laughs and memories. I seriously can't wait for the pics to get posted.

The night began as a little bit of a disaster. I started drinking at 5 pm cause Joey was working and was giving me free booze. I had bought a $14 steak to eat at allie's place, and proceeded to leave it in the back of a cab along with a newly purchased Dekoze CD and a JJ Frost Tape from connected. Boo. Fortunately for me, i did remember to bring my booze, so i promptly started into that, as i ate hamburgers instead of black angus striploin. (no real complaints, the hamburgurs were good, but i was all pumped for that sirloin!!)

Turbo was hilarious. I got there early (very early) and waited for the place to warm up. It didn't take long. Dekoze was stirring up a set that was especially progressive in some places, and that made me smile. Laurent Garnier had the whole place shaking their collecive booty for the entire night. Lots of fun. And the story of the night was Drink tickets!!! THANKYOU ALEXD. That was such a good deal, and we all appreciate how hard you worked to put it together and how you gave everyone ample GRUV tickets.
I expected to go home at a reasonable hour. It didn't happen. It's around 20 to 7 8 now and i just got home. Wow what an amazing amazing fun night.

Thankyou to everyone who participated in tonight, it was absolutely scandalous. On so many different levels.

Cheers. -Duncan


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I had an absolutely awesome time! It was great to see so many Tribers in one place.

Allie is a sweetheart for having us over and feeding us afterwards... maybe I should change my name to Piglet...

Shannon, I hope you got home okay hun.
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well, all i can say is that
thank you alexd for bringing laurent garnier for the TBK party.

i have never seen him spin..
and this was absolute fullfilling experience.

decoze was throwing pounding techno set when i got there around midnite..and it really was hyping up the crowd..and i want to thank you for your great vibe :) that shaky boodie behind the deck, makes me move and smile as well as the music :)

i was dancing with my eyes closed the whole nite today..cause i just wanted to be on the flow of music..i just wanted to get all loose and dance..and when a killer sounding mix came in, i was like..woah!! and i saw the man with the red face on the deck..
and i was like...werd!! i knew it was him!!!
decoze left his set with some progressive sounding track..so laurent started off his set with progressive house..or shall i say trancy techno track..anyway..you get the idea..
so the flow of the music was pretty ocean wave like...smooth and infinite like feeling...and then he spun some what do you say those tracks?? was it...vocal techno? hmm..not so sure..but then after a bit, he started spin some pounding techno..the tracks were not hard..it was kind of funky stuff..but he was mixing pretty hard..and gosh..his mixing got soo much better from this time as far as i remember..
he dropped some breaks techno like tracks after this, made his set all funky and stuff, and then he continued spinning some techno stuff..
and then man..i knew it..he mixed his produced track the man with the red face..i noticed it when it was mixed in..so i was like..yay~~!!
so then after that, he mixed some of the tracks that sounds similar to what he produces...
he also spun some deep house tracks with some techno bass etc..(i think i am right..lol)

i am sorry, if any of my description was not the most accurate review..but that is how i interpreted..

his mixing?
was man..i think it was one of the best mixing skills i have EVER witnessed..
i loved the way he spun two records at the same time..and all other fun stuff you can do with the tables and equalizer..

he was sooo good..
i do not think i was ever fullfilled observing a DJ spin before..
maybe because this awareness to study how DJ spins actively became a part of my DJ SET visit..or maybe because i learned a bit about it more by listening to some sets carefully with a person who mixed...
but what i wanna say here is that his mixings were amazing.

i give 5+++/5 :)
the extra + is for the wide variety of music genre where he chose his records from for our TBK party..
the next extra + is for spinning more than he was planned to spin..(he was still spinning when i left around 6am..extra 2 hours even at that moment..)
and the last + is for shaking that boodie on the deck while spinning some techno ;)

his set was one of the hard, deep, funky..and most fullfilling kind that i heard..it was john aquaviva who satisfied me last time..but after this, it will fight for the first place with the previous john aquaviva set..lol


it was nice to meet:
suke=it is always nice to meet you, babeeee ;) you better be careful drinking and stuff *hugs*
nesta=you are such a charming person.. :) you make me smile- and yes..i will come to the soccer match for sure :D
thank you for being so friendly to me!!
shannon=awww~you are the sweetest..you know-i love you! how many times did i tell you this before? but man..i do love you! lol it is just that there are so many more about you that i want to get to learn...you are such a wicked person..and thank you for being so lovely!!!
allie=happy birthday, allie!
you are such a wonderful girl who i would fall in love with!
you have such a wicked accent too..sexy enuff to make me lick on your face..lol ;)
it was wicked to finally share more than a few words with you tonite..and i am already missing you cause you would be going to montreal in fall :/ i would love to spend some time bubble teaing or something...
thank you for being such a sweetie :)
you REALLY rule!!
tom=it is always nice to see you-
and see you dance :)..and tonite was kinda special cause we get to dance together sort of ;) hehe..thank you for your energy and great vibe :)
ritika=oh man..you are becoming prettier and prettier..i think it is your hair that attracts me to you!! i really like it..and think it suits you :)
jay=it was nice to see you buddie!!
you looked a bit sad that you did not get to dance as much etc..(it is my guess) but i am pretty sure all of our tbks will appreciate your work with taking pictures!
joanna=awww~thank you for the big hug :) i felt like crying..and sorry if i appeared a bit weird..i was trying to hold my emotions..lol but it was nice to see you with
mark!=you always make me laugh :)
and nice seeing you again tonite!!
sabina=awww~finally i met you!!!
it was super nice to meet wt you!
it totally made me happie, sabina- you do not know :)
and yes..you are another person who is making me sad cause i know i will miss you when you move to detroit :( we gotta do some cooking together soon!!!
pete=now i can see shannon fantasizing about you and all ;)
hehe..really nice talking to you! and please say hello to moez on the phone for me!
klubmasterwill=you really do have such peaceful smile like the one i see on pictures :) nice meeting you!
rob and his buddie..i am sorry i forgot your nickname :( =you guys rule!
rob-i thank you sooo much for being kind to me..i can totally see you being my raver friend..watching out for each other ;) hehe..
it was nice seeing you dance too- i love your foot work :)
ana=happy birthday, girlie!
i hope you had mad fun yourself :)
it is always nice to see a beautiful self like you!!! :D
laura!!=it was funny when i could not speak too well..*LOL* thank you for being so funny!! hehehe..i always love seeing this girl...
tommy=it was wicked seeing you, tommy- and wow..your and laura's huggle attack really make me smile :)
nice to see you dancing!!
simon=you good looking boy!
it was nice to see you there again :)
and yes..thank you for talking to me..there..and ;)
chrome? or ch2o=sorry..i am kinda mixing them together..even though i can identify your good looking self..hehe..
nice meeting with you!
naomi=man, naomi- you are soo beautiful *drool* it was nice to see you dancing though :)
petra=finally! i was mad happy to have you around me dancing together..
i love you girlie! and i hope to do this often :)
james=hehe..you surped me..and sorry, i was like..*i am sorry, i do not know you..lol* it was nice to talk to you-
hope you had fun!!
sunkist=you are soo cute :) thank you for talking to me!
meghin=awww..you are always soo sweet..and appering all happy..like someone said ^^^;) nice to see you there!!
and you are a cute dancer!
happy 420 guy=you are soo funny!
finally met you! yay! happy 420!! :D
alexd=happy birthday, mister tribe!
i truly think you are getting younger as you get older..you seem to be getting more sexy and stuff..is that only me who think like that??
joey=hehe..nice to see you there, baby-but you looked pretty drunk yourself..lol
hope you are all okie for atm party today!!
dora=it was nice to talk to you, dora!! you are wicked!
susan=nice to see you, susan!
i love your hair so much!
i now wanna have soft twists done on my head ;) hehe..it was really good to see you!
susan's new roomie=i am sorry..your name sounded a bit difficult..but i remember it sounded coo :) nice meeting you!
stormshadow=nice to see you!
i hope you had a great time!
vic=i always like seeing you at parties! you got such nice smile on your face!! :D
gizmo=i for some reasons, think your face is really artist like :) i love you! hehe
and other people i could not mention..
it was nice to see you all-
and sorry about me not remembering..but please say hi :) and hope to remember you next time ;) hehe

-thank you for the great evening :)
-take care you all-



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how dare me to forget mentioning, you!
it was nice to see your pretty smile there!
hoped to see you dance though

olde=it appears to me you are a shy person
nice to see you too!

and yes..jay-rukkus-where were you???? :/


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keith-i am sorry..
i forgot to mention you ^^^

i hope you had a good time also-
i hope all is good with you! *hugs*

jerome-heyyy-it is me..your neighbor on wellsley..not sure if you ever read this or not..lol..but yeah..just wanted to say that it was nice talking to you!



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timo~=you know..your smile ALWAYS brighten me up!
do not people tell you that?
it was nice to see you, timo!

kate=nice to see you there, kate!
i love your smile too!

man..so many of you have good smiles..
who doesn't?


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i'm only up cuz i gotta go car shopping...

that was a great night, i was up at 6am on fri morn and was still going after 2am no prob...didn't leave till 3am....

Deko-ze...hmmm one of our little treasures, he progessed from funky rollin' shit to driving crazy techno..ow!!

And Laurent, well...he kept me moving all night, his set came to me in peaks and valleys...i was like...wwwoooaahh....that track was awesome...and then....wwwwhhhhaaa? do be doo....where's the ginger ale

There was too much going on socially, the peeps i was with were fabu!! And everybody was Hammered!!! 'cept me tho
Big ups to Smiley Jo who indroduced me to all da tribe peeps...i remember jmaggs and joey...and then there's jay and AA and rob selecta, and that joker guy ;P

Seeing Alex...we had a great chat, thanx for always giving me your time...Congrats...

wish i stayed for isaac s tho....ah well
great party, but if you missed it don't fret, it's not like laurent is only gonna be retiring soon...geh..well that's what i heard thru the vine...

janICE:>>>>>>>in red china doll dress!!!
ps-Jo, you are the best, never stress
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Well well well.... I would have to say that I had a fucking fantabulous night to say the least. Although I left pretty early (thanks to my rides home - who were either feeling tired *one left at midnight* or jus plain sick *the other left at 145am*) - I still got to meet alot of TBK and basically have the best time ever.

Honestly, I cannot say I have been that drunk in so muthafucking long. I had a bunch of people coming up to me and saying "Your not 19 , how did you get in here?!?" - people that knew how old I was. I was feeling a little rowdy , and told them to fuck my mouth. Seeing as how, I didn't care much about how old I was - but that I was having a fucking amazing time. BTW - to those people who were harassing me about being a little kid and being there: I HAVE FAKE ID. But not only that, why do you care if Im under 19 or not. *sigh* Remember those days when you were under 19, and you used to wanna go to clubs and bars. You always found a way in ... always. That's jus the way I am.
*PLUS* Of course Im gunna support Alex in every way. I promise him a night of me getting shitfaced since we always talk about it at the office. (LOL)

Anyhow, back to the party. I met sooOo many people. Derek (Alchemy) dragged me over to where all y'all were. There were new faces I met Allie (T. Tantrum), Suke, Mango and other names I cant remember now (sorry!) - ans then old faces I kno from all the time... Robb (Astroboy), Pete (Your attracting all the lesbians .. look at yOU), Meghin and Jordan, Hawk Eye, and omg ... too many to remember. I had so much fun jus dancin away with the people who meant the most and truly were there for the music.

Altho at the start of the night, I was a little out of it - from drinking all afternoon... my night got progressivly and progressily better. The music was great, the people were great ... it was jus a wonderful night all together.

Thank you Alex, everyone at Gruv and Mekka and Turbo for having a wonderful event and sponsorship and everything. I think this was one of the most awesome nights Ive had in quite awhile.




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thanks to alexd for a great night

it was awesome seeing old faces and meeting new ones.

despite the fact that i wore the wrong shoes for the evening, mr. garnier still had me dancing at 4 a.m.

wow again.

did anyone else have to drive home in that crazy fog this morning?



.:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.

Par- T

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Well that was fun!
Now I'm paying for it, stuck having to go into work this morning - arrrgghh*/!%?$ I have no voice (is that what happens when you have a few free Gruvs + a couple of drinks?) someone remind me never to have that horrible green stuff again.
Now on to the review (assuming I can do this on less than 2 hrs sleep:
Got there early expecting a mega line outside like last year but it was pretty short. Deko-ze was ripping it up inside as the place started to fill. I stayed downstairs for a while, getting some jungle but soon went back up to hear Deko-ze work it. Up next was the main man, Mr. Laurent Garnier, everyone was waiting for this. He started out more laid back but gradually building the intensity as the evening went on. What an excellent, smooth, seamless journey we were taken on - he hit on almost every style without a single glitch or bump: techno, house, breaks, trance, etc. I wasn't expecting such variety from him but damn it was good! I was happily lost at times esp. with his own stuff "the sound of the big baboo" and "man with the red face" ooooh yes!
Couldn't stay for Isaac S but he started with D&B to change the tempo, I would have liked to been there till the end.

Tripping over TBK everywhere last night!
...hard to loose yourself to the music when you keep seeing familiar faces all around. Too many to name and I'm sure I'd forget a few even if I tried. So a big HEY to all those I just met, the new-ish peeps and to those who I see all the time/everywhere.
Thanks and congrats especially to Alex for starting all this craziness known as Tribe and for keeping it going for 8 yrs. What a fantastic way to celebrate.

~ PS. please get a normal coloured drink sponsor for next year, how 'bout Appleton, Smirnoff or Corona ?? These odd drinks fuck me up!


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Yeah,WIKKID nite.
Marcus rinsed 'da shit out of set,booked sum peeps inside,drank a bit.Shouts goin' out 'ta Suke(it's all about...),Nesta(send me your mailin' info!),Marcia(damn!!!),and Temper Tantrum(where's my beer???),
Peace all!!!
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I'll admit - I was somewhat apprehensive prior to laurent garnier's set. Since it's been six years since i heard him spin, i was afraid his style had changed. But 'twas wasn't the case. He dropped a BOMB ASS set that kept me on my feet all night. The first hour was a bit slow, but it was obvious that he was building up his momentum. And sure enough, he delivered - and delivered it well. I couldn't think of another way to celebrate Tribe Magazine's 8th birthday. Last night's set will definitely be one of the highlights of 2001.

Great to see all the faces - old and new - smiling and grooving last night. Here's to summer!


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slept for 3 hours..sun is asking me to get up!

sorry, it is not a review..but need to say wudd up g to:
mr.furious=for some reasons, i just can not remember this word..furious..tell me your real name in korean and i will memorize it better

nice to have you spotting on the dance floor!
loress=we were like hey~!!! and we both *bumped* into different tbks and we never really were able to talk

nice to see your energetic self there!!
rob=it was sweet seeing you on the second floor dance floor too! you have got such cute smile


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alchemy=sorry-i forgot to list you :/
you are soo tall though...man..lol
hehe..and yes..like usuall, you were looking good..hope you liked his set
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