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Trevor Wilkes & WestsideWax - Live @ Basement Therapy Sept 14, 2013 (Deep Everything)


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Every few months or so, my wife and I host an olde-tyme rave in our intimate, concrete-lined bunker of a basement. We lay out the yoga mats and bolsters for stretching, the best smoothies in the 'hood get made and we invite anywhere from one to a dozen friends, with the uniting factor being that everyone comes to dance and unwind.

Trevor (motto: "Too Stupid To Quit") has guested at ours many times before, and with a 6-7K record collection, each visit is a surprise. Knowing the small crowd we were expecting this time around, I asked Trevor to pack "more funky than wonky", and boy, did he deliver - to the point where I gravitated more toward busting out than I did playing. The night leaned heavily on the deep, pitched down end of the spectrum, as we meandered through 4 hours worth of vinyl.

Right, and our raves start at 8 p.m., sensible folk that we are. ;)



Part #1: Trevor Wilkes

Johnny Fiasco "My house" Control Recordings 05
Federation X "The groovers track" Swing City 06
O. Menardi "Primitive" E.C. Records
House of Venus "Dish n tell (Juan Sanchex mix)" Bangbang 17
Ohm "Tribal Tone (Marquis Hawkes Mix)" UTTU 28
Boris Dlugosh "Keep pushin" EMI
Unknown White
Samuel Deep " Rwzdeep" Slapfunk 04
Sunship "Cheque One-Two" Dorado
Steve bug "Rhodes Flash" Raw Elements
Timeblind "Untitled" All Ears 02
Tricky Disco "Tricky Disco" Warp
Neville Watson "Songs to Elevate... (Kink & Rachel remix)" Creme 66
Crossninetroll "Wanna say" Bouq 19
Matt John "The bleep factory" Holographic island 03
Donk Boys "Acid boys horses girls" Floppy Funk 16
Spandex "What's wrong with you?" Hand on the plow 05
Artifakt "The Way it do" Somethink Sounds
Troy Pierce "horse Nation" Minus 29
Faceless Mind "Timeless Message" Co-pilote 04
unknown "Rock the house (remix)" Unknown
Dynamix II "Sedona" Monotone
Hardfloor "4th Dimension..." Hardfloor 13
Bodika "Basement" Swamp 81
Nu Shooz "I can't wait" Atlantic
Plex "can't stop (dmr zone mix)" Plezure records
Le Pamp Play house "I like the sounds" Azuli Records
Derrick Carter "Where U At? (BHQ Revisionist)" Classic
Da Mongoloids "Spark Da Meth (Banging like a Benzi mix)" Strictly Rhythm

Part #2: Westside Wax

Critical Rhythm – Fall Into A Trance (Brooklyn Funk Essential Mix) – Nu Groove
Mr A. Capella – Untitled – Northwest 10
Inner City – Do You Love What You Feel (Kevin’s Mix) – 10 Records
Gemini – Psychosis – Chiwax
MikeQ – Tha Ha Dub ReWerk’d – Fade To Mind
Force Legato – System (v. 1.0) – ZYX
Depeche Mode – Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix) – Mute
Glenn Underground – Leav’en To-Day – Guidance Recordings
Midway – Set It Out (Acapella Vocal) – Personal
Mark The 909 King – Space Sick – Power Music
Soul Oddity – Clipped – Astralwerks
J.T.C. – Basturma Highway – Minimal Rome
Cursor Miner – Yam Um Sugli – Don’t
Eddie Fowlkes – Turn Me Out (Parkside Club Mix) – Logic

Part #3: Trevor Wilkes

Blastromen "Battlenet" StreetSounds
Oliver Dodd "Corporate Whore" World Electric
Scape one "Fermata" Satamile
Umwelt "telek" Transparent Sound
Klorexx55 "nano Technology" kaften
Silicon Scally "Curvature" SCSI-AV
Johnny Fiasco "Keep on Dancing" Distant 01
Fix "Flash" KMS

Part #4: Westside Wax

Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak (part 1) – Novel Sound
Eurythmics - Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) – RCA
Rrose - Shepherd's Brine - Eaux
UR - Acid Africa (Roots Electric Mix) – Underground Resistance
Bileebob – Get A Phone - Underground Resistance
House of Jazz - Want My Body – Urgent Music Works
Joshua Heath – Casafiesta – Dae
Vicious Pink – Cccan’t You See – Parlophone
Pet Shop Boys – Paninaro (Ian Levine Mix) – Parlophone
Jazztronik – Samurai – Chez Music
Patrice Scott – Analog Dreams – Sistrum

Part #5: Trevor Wilkes

The Dexorcist "Rubba dub" SMB 15
Randomer "meat and dancing" Randomer 01
Randomer "No hook" Turbo
Matt Whitehead "A is for acid (MPIA3 Definition)" Perc LTD 01
Marquis Hawkes "Sealion Woman" DABJ 02
Low Jack "Slow dance (Geeeman remix)" GTCM 12
Michael Forshaw "Cookietag Mcstarrwerk" Horror Boogie 01

Part #6: Westside Wax

MikeQ & Angel X – Let It All Out 2012 – Fade To Mind
Richard Bartz – Foot Tappin – International DeeJay Gigolos
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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came outta the woodwork for this one... didn't bother to check out the track listing. Figured a 4 hour set would have plenty of gems. Heard Plez's 'Cant Stop' and came here to say thanks for putting this together! :)
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