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Traxx Mixx from Etikett, Chicago


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Some chunes for your ear holes I found here:


Download Part 1 (96MB 70min)

Streaming Part 1 (WinAmp / iTunes)

For those who continue to search the sound in particular fashion..
I present the next level 20 years into the future..
The music selected for the evening is based upon the title of the nite.
To understand one must be able to delve inside your mind to extract theory.
In 20 years now of playing music or on documenting sessions it has alwayz been in a forward motion in order to preserve the truth about unheard relics.

many say..i play electro..techno..when honestly none of you understand that music has alwayz been a steady firm ground to walk on..I just dont stay in one place..i cant..cause if i do..i become bored..
This 1st segment represents the underworld of what people dont know..
Understand this u are not jak..with bippity bop music..or a certian genre.
Jak Is Life

Download Part 2 (81MB 60min)

Streaming Part 2 (WinAmp / iTunes)

Entering the subspace in the realm of repititive tracks in a melodic and harmonic way.
more raw..less basslines more drums..dark ghoulish voices and crazy antics with deep echoes into ruff building blocks of Relentless non-Disorder....Can u Handle it?
Or do u immediately stamp it a stereotype to satisfy your aural pleasure...
Jak Is Life
Truth Iz Kode.
MANY tracks are unreleased...some are easy access.
the trick is to supply supplement with content.

Sincerely Spoken From the Artist of Sound

I'm in Chicago for a few days on biznass and was checking out the local clubs online, and looky looky what I found @ Smart Bar:


Thursday, August 31
Tickets: $12 adv / $15 door
21 & over
Doors: 10pm / Show: 10pm

I missed the Tikiman/Scion t-dot show back in 02 cuz I was visiting Ireland during the World Cup, but I think I will venture to Chicago for this, given that it's the only N American date I can find for them, and I don't want to miss another opportunity like this. I really can't afford it, having just moved to New York, but damn I want to ear diss.


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in the spirit of the briany anneurism thread, and lots of others too, does that that mean that traxx is coming??? 'cause that would be sweeeeeet!
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I had completely forgotten about this mix, except for the vague recollection that it was "good" and "worth keeping." This is still amazing. Hooray for digital hoarding!


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traxx is a bad man. I would love collab with him. I got some of his old dance mania records in the ninties form my boy Rob who temporarily relocated there. I wonder why he would sell all this dope ass records, but now I understand. I mean that DJ funk work your body record had some gold halo marker running all over the record, but it still played.

20 years later, it makes sense. This guy had a vision.

Traxx if you read this man, chill on the drugs. Danny Legowelt or Tim Sweeney one of them told me about some unhealthy stuff. we need purge this shit from the scene.

I was talking to a bouncer at danforth music hall for the fly lo concert and he was saying that they seized 6 garbage bags of drugs at an edm festival... Drugs is killing the community "scene" and music we love. Rip it up on a conscious vibe.

I dont want to bait shit out, but there is video of traxx palying these killer sounds, i mean serial killer ritual music. OMG.

Big up Traxx & Peace.sr