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Traxx at Zen Lounge!

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Wicked party!

I was really surprised to at a party like that at the Zen Lounge. It was good to party with so many friends and people I havent seen in so long.

The music was alright I would have to say my favorite was ali black of course just because I am more of a house guy.

Traxx was, and is still a freak on the tables!
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Adam Duke

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Holy shizza, that was the izza!

Phenominal night! Traxx blew my head off (for those of you that left early in his set, man did you ever miss him working his mojo on the decks - he's definately bumped his way into my top 5 dj's list...MAD SKILLS!)...great fun seeing so many friends, and all dressed up too! Who said tech-heads don't know how to get into the spirit? I'd be willing to say that 95% of the crowd was dressed for the occasion!
Went up to the booth at one point...those monitors were shite (very little bass), guess that was what was throwing off Adam Marshall. The Safety Scissors improv dj session was a nice treat - really funky stuff!

MUCH respect to Adam Bentley for throwing this bash once again and to Traxx for being such a genuinely positive guy (with MAD SKILLS!)


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tommysmalls:
about 15 of us were waiting outside for this jam round 3am/2am, but they weren't letting anyone else in</font>

The lineup was retarded considering it wasnt that packed in there!