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Travel Question - Turks Caicos. Anyone been


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Trying to plan the family vacation for end of this year and I'm thinking Turks Caicos.

Other than pictures on the Internet and travel brochures, I have nothing else to go on.

Anyone been?
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I don't know how old your kids are but when we went we found it was very very pricey for what we got. Unless you can go to Beaches/Sandals with kids, I just didn't love it as much as we thought we would. Getting around the island is a pain, it's $5 per person no matter how far or short you go. The restaurants off site are expensive, as well.

If you're planning on going somewhere with young kids I would encourage you to try paradisus punta cana family concierge in punta cana. Solid super place, amazing food and service and tons for the kids to do.

Again, perhaps you have no kids and are going with parents then T&C was an amazing spot to relax.


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I've been there 5/6x times. Longest stretch was for 2 weeks a few years ago for my wedding/honeymoon. I love the island. Just love it.

For the family? Beaches Turks is the best you can get - I'd even go so far to say it's the best resort for families in the Caribbean BUT, you'll pay for it. A lot.

The island is still very colonial. Lots of ex-pats there. Not much at all to do in regards to the rest of the island. Very quiet. Still recovering from the hurricane & rescission from a few years ago, respectively but still so serine. If you venture off from the resort strip (if you can even call it that) along Grace Bay, you'll easily find your own slices of heaven here & there with nobody around for miles.

Very expensive to dine out and do things but renting a moped/car isn't too bad. Most everything on the island is along the North part - Grace Bay but the best beaches are down the South part like Long Bay Beach & then further to the West is places like Turtle Cove & there's a Turtle Maria with a few bars/restaurants etc. Stunning.

If you go, make a point of checking out the "Conch Shack". It's owned by a guy from Toronto. Food is amazing, decor & service as well.

Take a look at the Leeward resorts (might be called something else now)--> BLUE HAVEN RESORT, PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS AND CAICOSTurks & Caicos Reservations

It used to be Nikki Beach, situated in a newly built marina but it's now been converted to fully furnished condo/town homes. It was about $3,000 for a week & it comes with your own car & local cell phone. Super nice.

There's also a conch farm on the Eastern part of the island (we are talking about Providenciales, not Grand Turk, right???) which is a nature reserve that's super cool to check out. They don't charge anything but do accept donations.


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Sounds like Canada's version of Hawaii. Wonder what happened with that talk about making it a province...


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The "talk" happens once a decade and has been for the last 40 years, and the idea has been around almost 100 years. The comparison to Hawaii is incorrect as the Hawaiian Islands are pretty much self-sufficient while T&C isn't. Remember, it has only been in the last century or so that small islands near the equator have become "paradises".. before that it, those were lonely places where sailors starved to death.

(yeah, not a supporter of the whole 11th province idea of the T&C)
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Sounds like Canada's version of Hawaii. Wonder what happened with that talk about making it a province...

Never gonna happen. Wish it would. Hate how it's always brought up every few years. Get people's hopes up for nothing.