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Travel: Best way to connect to East Europe/Middle East


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Hi everyone, and Alex,

Alex, who seems to travel a lot, and those of you who know, what's the best which may not be the cheapest way to connect to East Europe and the Middle East? Currently I'm looking at Air Canada and Turkish which roughly works out to around $900 return. Are there any other options? I'd prefer Turkish since it offers the premium econ.
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I don't recommend Emirates, I was packed in like a rat.
They do their own skywards. At least their food won't make you sick like United did.


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Been coming to Eastern Europe for my research quite a bit lately and it's never too cheap, even when booking in advance. I fly from Edmonton though so that adds extra cost. Turkish airlines comes up as the cheapest option often, but you have to fly all the way to Istanbul and the trips end up being 30+ hours, which are a killer if you can't sleep on planes.

I usually just troll the following websites daily:


Preferred in that order.

Also, I heard that searching on Tuesdays is good because usually airlines will start sales on Monday and by Tuesday other airlines will have matched or beat them. This tip hasn't yielded me any significant discounts either.
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