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glad i went to this party.

lots of fammiler faces the ol' techno family was there, people that i have known and seen for years - the music was good, the space was cool, it was just like a party from back in the day.

I had a great time and still recovering my body is not like it use to be - more and more a cain is looking like a good idea after danicing all night ;)

we got lots of pictiures of the party on digital camera so hopefully we can post them up or send them to some one who can.

glad this party came through last min. it made my nye just right.
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Transform!!! That's what it was called!! I just thought it was called the best Techno party I've been to in a hell of a long time. Ok, I'll write a kick-ass review as soon as I recover...two-days later even and I need to go back to bed...night night...J


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Wow! that was a nice little event. :)

I love the setup of the place - didn't arrive till very late (somewhere between 4:30-5am). Thanks to Christian for setting up this event - would've liked to have caught his set though (I'm sure i'll get another chance in the future). Got to play some rekkids to end off the night - but must remember that large amounts of alcoholic beverages + some 'shrooms are not a good combo when it comes to being behind the decks! :eek:
What was i thinking! Oh wellll..... next time. :)
Hope it didn't detract the level of enjoyment people had from the rest of the night!

Where are the reviews from the rest of the night - How were Algo, Adam, Christian, Zuzana's sets?



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Peoples sets...

got there around 1- 1:30 i think - did not get chance to see who was playing spent the first little while hanging out upstairs by the bar...
went back down and Zuzana was playing - she was playing a nice selection as usual - it was tight - would have liked to hear a bit more more cutting and mixing it up going on. loved the hair peace she was wearing.

then Jeff (algo) came on or as i like to call him the hobbit. :p
He was busting out some funky tracks - real groovy stuff... he coped out on a few of the mixes he could have done more..
i have herd him play better, but he always gets my ass shaken on the dance floor :D

Adam - He started banging it out with hard techno - i have strayed away a bit from the really bang stuff but for nostalgic sake i had to listen to a bit of his set. He had some sweet techno tracks that got me shaken his tracks reminded me that there is still good techno out there ... he was mixing it up, taking tracks out, bringing them back in.... but yes soon the bang was getting to me, so back upstairs i ventured... we stayed till about 5am so i did not hear anyone else

keeping in mind it was new years and i am sure everyone was inebriated on some level.. what idid hear was good... i don’t think I was being quits as critical or should I have been, as it was Nye and it was about just having a good time
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I'm confused, or maybe I was just really really REALLY drunk but I thought that Algorythm was playing his usual minimal bits when we arrived at 1-1:30 and then sexy zuzanna with the hairpiece came on and THEN right after it was Mr. Greg Gow and then after Sir Gow it none other than Gerald the man. Someone please clarify...


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i think you were pretty drunk from what i remeber ;) we got some funny pictures of you !

when we got there 1- 130 not sure who was playing - then zuzana was on shorty after - then jeff played for about 2 hours and adam came on around 4am not to sure who came on after him


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Ok confirmed with A....after Zuzanna it was Adam Marshall and then it was Greg Gow and then it was Gerald...after that I left....I think....

....hehehe must see pictures...who are you Mrs. Peacock?? :)


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a no u got the line up wrong we were standing there taking pictures of people djing....

zuzana, algo then adam..unless adam snuck in for a bit right after zuza then algo went on but i was danicing to aglo for a long time.. and i was quite sober


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i waltzed in around 5:45am to the sweet sounds of spastik layed down by mr. gow....couldn't have asked for a better segway from the smooth tribal sounds that promise offered. I thoroughly enjoyed the tunes from that point until around 7:30 when my legs danced their last dance.

fun times!!

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K. Mrs. P. I can't say for sure, you know I was really really really REALLY drunk...it was all amazing, that's all I know. :)



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killer night!!!!memories:

yelling at algo with brendan:)

being fed beer after beer by some big dude;)

stumbling into half the party with a grin on my face.

Getting down to the sick sick techno sounds!!!!(still in pain)

Arriive at home 6:30ish

Consume large amount of thc laced butter.

proceed to call everyone I know(nearly)until I get a response.

Leave 7:00am from greek town to lansdowne for morning kegger.

Nitrous tanks hissing, none for me, too too too baked and drizunk.

10:30 subway home, I'm a fuckin animal, liters of liquor and smoke and can still make it until hours after the sun's up!!!!

Good NYE good friends good tunes good first day of the year and and very bad hangover
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!



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The order as I remember it (hazily):

Zuzana and some other woman switching off, Algo, Adam Marshall, Greg Gow, Gerald.

Who was the other woman with Zuzana? Just curious. Got there after work around 12:30, not many people there yet, but ran into a couple of friends right off the bat. Started to fill up not too long after (I have no concept of what time anything happened, I didn't see a clock from 12:30 until 7:30). I thought Zuzana and whoever else sucked big bouncy donkey balls, but that's just my opinion. Not as far as mixing, but just really lame track selection. Made me yawn.

Spent a while talking with a bunch of people, briefly hanging out with my gal who left after about an hour, just wasn't feeling it. Proceeded to get drunk and "happy" and wore my idiot hat for the rest of the night, screaming and hollering, trying to get some energy up from the crowd. I liked what everyone else spun, but the set of the night for me goes to Mr. Gow. Moment of the night was definitely "Spastik". :D I haven't heard that out in a long time, and it was just what I needed at that point. Greg delivered what I wanted to hear, for sure. Gerald spun some good shizz too, but I was pretty much done by then. Stumbled home and spent yesterday in a waking coma.

Anyway, I had a really good time. Sorry to anyone I pissed off by being a loud obnoxious dork.


..and an extra sorry to Julia for calling her "Jenn". ;)


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Not insulted BBB, especially if you were referring to Jenn as in Tekno_Princess. :) I had an amazing time that night. Crazy-ass drunk but I loved the big dark dance floor and minimal lighting. I too remember Greg's set, his was definitely the high-light of the night for me.

BBB you're a crazy-mf on the dancefloor hah!

Jen thanks for taking care of my hick-ups. That let me keep drinking and dancing. I don't remember the last time I danced for six hours straight! Thanks to everyone that put this party on and thanks to everyone in attendance. That was Techno.


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what a freakin' memorable NYE 03/04!

started off on the right foot @ a bumpin' house party that mrs.peacock invited me to. thanx girlfriend :) it was a nice little space!
michael markus was defiantely laying down some groovy tunes @ around midnight.(didn't really want to go elsewhere), but planned to go, so I we did and glad we did :D
its the Transform party that really made my New Year. Nice, small but intimate venue with just the right amount of peeps.And you can't forget the dope tunz layed down by all djs. couldn't stop my booty from shakin'. all sets where equally great i thought. Even though i left just @ the beginning of Mr. gows set. how I didn't want to go home :(
Definately alot of close freinds there and new ones as well. the techno community out in full effect. Still alot of missing faces though. I know all who i missed had a good New years anyhow.

what a good way to start off another year and to end the old. I couldn't see myself anywhere else this New years but with my husband, close freinds and good ol' techno. defaintely all my luvs all on one nite :D

Once again Happy New year to all my friendss on the Tribe msg board XOX
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