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Transfer files from PVR to Computer...

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Genesius, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Genesius

    Genesius TRIBE Member

    Oh Tribe sages,

    How does one transfer recorded shows from their PVR to their computer... and then to another PVR from the computer.

    I'm with Rogers and have their standard HDPVR.

    The reason is because I have to exchange a faulty unit, but I don't want to lose the saved stuff on there.

  2. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    You'll likely have to do an analog transfer - from the video out on the box, to a video in on a PC which records it then. There's likely no way to trnasfer it back to the new Rogers PVR in their format. Rogers likely doesn't provide the functionality with their boxes to copy content to and from it. Record it onto your PC and burn it to disc. A pain in the ass but probably the only realistic option without swapping the HD from your old unit to your new one.
  3. oh toro

    oh toro TRIBE Member

    it maybe possible digitally if rogers did not block the firewire port. in the us, i believe the fcc mandates a functional firewire port and thus it is possible. instructions for how to do it on a mac is here. not sure about windows, but it's likely out there if you search.
  4. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    Unfortunately it's not possible. The data is encrypted and is tied to the PVR that the hard drive resides in meaning that you can't even remove the hard drive and transfer it to another PVR box from Rogers. Sadly you're SOL in this case. To only option is to do a manual copy from the PVR to a VCR or computer's video input where it would record it just like a VCR.

  5. Genesius

    Genesius TRIBE Member


    Well, thanks for the responses.

    I guess I'll see how important it is for my missus and if she feels like sitting in front of a VCR for hours on end.
  6. oh toro

    oh toro TRIBE Member

    it looks like some stuff is possible... check out the following thread:



    videotape74 posted 2007 Mar 19 04:17
    as some of you might already know, it's possible to record programs from your settop cable box to your computer via the firewire port on your cable box (if it's enabled). well, my cable company here in Toronto (Rogers) has recently enabled this via their recent firmware updates...recording is of course limited to those stations/programs that are not "encrypted" but recording of SD/HD channels that are not "flagged" is possible.

    now, i've set up my computer & STB via firewire using these generic TV Tuner firewire drivers and following this guide and I'm able to capture all of the SD channels and only a couple HD channels, the rest of the "unencrypted" channels have serious artifacts and/or pixelation. Now the thing that I'm trying to figure out is a guy who lives in the same area as me is able to capture all of the "unencrypted" channels flawlessly...but he's on a Mac. (http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,17649190) So, what I'm wondering is, is this more likely anything a Windows driver problem? and if so, does anyone know of any other drivers that could/might work or things that I have to change? I'm on WinXP SP2. I was thinking of trying Win2000 to see if the drivers have better compatibility but I don't wanna go through all that hassle for nothing. Also, the cable box I'm using is a SA3250HD.


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