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Trans Canada Highway - new Boards release (+ first music video)


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We are excited to announce the release of Trans Canada Highway, the new EP from Boards of Canada.

Trans Canada Highway features four new tracks and an Odd Nosdam remix of Dayvan Cowboy, along with the original version taken from their previous record, The Campfire Headphase.

A short for Dayvan Cowboy has also been completed. It will be BoC’s first official music video.

Dayvan Cowboy
Left Side Drive
Heard From Telegraph Lines
Under the Coke Sign
Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam remix)

Trans Canada Highway is the 200th EP single by Warp and will be released on 06.06.06.

I love the cover art

There is also some new (dont know how new, havent been there in months) music on their website with a cool... well I have no idea how to describe it, some psychodelic BoC background higher-frequency 'noises' are kind of unsettling but in a good way, if you know what I mean
Anyway if you open that link a few times until you have several tabs open to the discography and you'll get that beat layered over itself creating a new thicker mixture


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WARP said:
Trans Canada Highway, the new EP from Boards of Canada, is now available to preorder from Warpmart. All orders will receive a free DVD of the Dayvan Cowboy video (the first official one ever made for BoC), as well as an exclusive sticker.

With each Copy of this E.P. you will recieve NTSC Region 0 DVD of the beautiful promo video for the track Track Dayvan Cowboy, Directed by Melissa Olson. Plus on top of this Warpmart customers will recieve a rather nice exclusive sticker too.

Extending from the last years Campfire Headphase album, the Trans Canada Highway EP which features 5 new tracks including a great remix from Cloudead's Odd Nosdam plays out a hallucinogenic road trip of desolation, isolation and exploration.

With the Boards of Canada traits of intricacy and ethereality, Trans Canada Highway visits a darker place, “a glacial place” as Boards of Canada put it,away from the warmth and light of The Campfire Headphase.
Also, apparently, the vinyl will be white(?)[(12" WHITE VINYL DISC)]

docta seuss

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that video is addictive.. what an absurdly cool intro.

i don't know what's up with the surfing, but nifty shots nonetheless.


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will have the new boards next week!

BTW - you guys should check out Milosh - toronto artist... lots of soft woman vocals and a loungey vibe but the backing beats kind of sound a bit boards of canada-ish at times. He's awesome at layering his vocal samples in really cool ways. Has a few instrumental tracks too.

Anyway, You Feel Me is his first and awesome. Meme is his 2nd and just heard it for the first time today. Also like it, but its new to me still - need to get better aquainted..
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deafplayer said:
Also, apparently, the vinyl will be white(?)[(12" WHITE VINYL DISC)]

yeah, it's white and looks sick!

I haven't gotten around to getting campfire headphase yet so hearing dayvan cowboy got me sold. great track.
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Just got it and LOVE the first track. The others are more dreamy/ambient but equally good if a little sleepy. On the other side the remix from that odd-named dude is also quite good. Over time I expect I'll probably be returning mostly to the 1st track, which I think is better than the best on Campfire Headphase. Still a great release - and the packaging + artwork is sublime!