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Trance Thrusday on DJShows.com


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~~~Trance Thursdays on DJShows.com~~~

Tune in every Thursday nights... starting @ 6PM EST with Technopolis [Dr. Trance with special guest djs], 8PM EST TorontoRaves.com Radio [DJ Lyphe, Lady B and Smoking Joe with special guest djs], 10PM EST Adernaline Radio [DJ Fuzion with special guest djs], 12AM Chronic Musician Radio [DJ Patrixx with special guest DJs]

Click here to listen now:

or visit http://djshows.com



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he's a dj from Zimbobwa...

Originally posted by Mike Richards
Hey Migzzz who's that Dj Ransom guy?????

He's off the hook!!!!!

we fly him in every month from ZimBobwa..
He has been known for playing Happy Hardcor to breaks from House To German Thrasher!

You can here him off the weekly movement show on http://djshows.com or even better... tune into the APS show (After Party Sessions) on the weekend... if you'd like you can come by the studio and experience his shit LIVE!