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Trance sets from 2005


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Just got an IPOD for Christmas, looking for some good trance sets that have some of the top tracks from this year.

Last set I downloaded was Corsten @ Innercity 99, so Im really behind in the genre.

Thanks for sharing!


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Originally posted by Mortyman
For all those who made it out to The Docks for NYE, and all DuMonde fans in general... this one's for you ;)

Right click, save target as
1. M.U.T.E. - Missed Beat (DuMonde Remix)
2. DJ Jam X - Keep it That Way (Original Radio Edit)
3. Tom Wax joins DJ Jam X & De Leon - Louder Softer (DJ Jam X & DeLeon Mix)
4. JamX & DeLeon - Can U Dig It?
5. Green Court - Follow Me (DuMonde Mix)
6. Yves DeRuyter - Feel Free (DuMonde Remix)
7. DuMonde - Human
8. DJ Marc Aurel - Running (DuMonde Remix)
9. DuMonde - Never Look Back
10. Fragma feat Maria Rubia - Everytime You Need Me (DuMonde Remix)
11. DuMonde - God Music

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Above & Beyond - Trance Around The World (93) Top 20 Of 2005
Above & Beyond Live at Space Ibiza (Radio 1)
Armin van Buuren ASOT Year Mix 2005
Armin Van Buuren Live at Club Spirit NYC 2005
Ferry Corsten - Live At Frankfurt 2005
Paul Van Dyk @ Eins Live Rocker 2005

some of my favs of 2005
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