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[TRANCE] Macarius Tmm 53.06 With D:fuse 04-10-06

Dj Macarius

TRIBE Member
Macarius In The Mix

01 Airwave - Hello Sunshine (Vocal Mix) [Bonzai]
02 Jose Amnesia vs Shawn Mitiska - My All (Flash Brother Mix) [Cold Harbour]
03 Mac & Mac - Listen (Mac Zimms Dub) [Reset Records]
04 Airwave vs Rising Star - When Things Go Wrong Meets Sunspot 2006 [Bonzai]
05 Selu Vibra - Stargazing [Somatic Sense]
06 Mike Shiver - Feelings (Garden State Dub) [Solaris]
07 Lost Tribe - Angel (Adam White's Instrumental Mix) [Darey Products]
08 Armin van Buuren - Burnd With Desire (Rising Star Mix) [Nebula]
09 Simon Patterson - F16 [2 Play Records]
10 Gabriel & Dresden vs Solarstone - Treasure Falls (Macarius' Reunion Bootleg) [White]

DFuse Guest Mix

01 D:Fuse “There It Is” (Stroud Dub) Lift Room
02 Natalia Data “The VIP” (Rhythm Code's Special People Mix) Jukebox in the Sky
03 Tortz & Bali “Sleep Over It” (Part One) Solar
04 Robert Hayes “Stand Up” Promo
05 Rhythm Code “Addictive” Open Up
06 Boyko pres. Sound Shocking “Z-Music” (Electro Orgazm Mix) Cuba
07 Mark Knight “Inside You” Toolroom
08 Jaytech “Genesis” Rapid Response
09 Lifelike “Adventure” Eyezcream
10 Matt Rowan & Jaytech “Blaze” Hope


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