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[TRANCE] Macarius & Andrew Bennett - Trance Mix Mission 61.06

Dj Macarius

TRIBE Member
We've started to add commentary to the Trance Mix Mission Sets, so bear with us, as it wouldn't be that good for the first couple of weeks.

All the Best


Macarius & Andrew Bennett - Trance Mix Mission 61.06


Macarius In The Mix

01 Smith & Pledger - Black [Anjunabeats]
02 Kenneth Thomas Feat. Colleen Riley - Ghost In The Machine (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix) [Alter Ego]

Track Of The Week
03 Signalrunners - Corrupted [Five Am Records]

04 Mike Shiver & Marc Damon - Water Ripples (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix) [Captured Music]
05 Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Alexey Selin Mix) [Deep Blue]

Stuck In Mac's Box
06 Super 8 - Alba [Anjunabeats]

07 Mark Otten vs Carrie Skipper - Serene's Time (Macarius' AvB Recon) [CD-R]
08 Puma White - Copenhagen (Macarius Edit) [Moonrisng]
09 Stoneface & Terminal - Venus [Euphonic]

Andrew Bennett Guest Mix

01. Group Therapy – Thumsucker
02. Simon & Shaker – Zero
03. Karen Overton – Your loving arms (Andrew Bennett Remix)
04. Under Sun feat Mark Otten – Capoeira (Hawk Remix)
05. Pete Lazonby – Sacred Cycles (David West Remix)
06. Andrew Bennett – Menar
07. ID - ID
08. Algarve – The longest journey
09. M.I.K.E. vs Andrew Bennett – Into the danger


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