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Trance Global Vol 43


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Mixset: Trance, Global Vol 43
DJ: Anuj
Genre: Progressive & Vocal Trance
Date Released: Oct 26, 2013
Duration: 56 mins
File Format: MP3 320kbps stereo
File Size: 129MB


1. Will Dukster feat. Solnce - I'm Reaching (Myon & Shane 54 Rmx)
2. Michael Angelo feat. Jenry R - Disconnected (Myon And Shane 54 Vocal Mix)
3. Shogun feat. Hannah Ray - Nadia (Extended Mix) [ BLAST from the PAST! ]
4. Dresden & Johnston feat. Nadia Ali & Mikael Johnston - That Day (Myon & Shane 54 Club Mix)
5. Sergey Alekseev feat. Ange - It's Morning (Talamanca Rmx)
6. Max Graham feat. Jeza - Still There's You (Juventa Private Mix)
7. Seven Lions & Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove Lo - Strangers (Original Mix)
8. Marcus Schossow feat. Elleah - Hurry Up (Original Mix)
9. George F Zimmer - Dont Deal With Justice (Original Mix)

Mobile/Tablet: DJ Anuj - The Trance Hub
PC/Mac: Anuj - Euphoric Mixes
iTunes podcast: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/dj-anuj-pres-trance-global/id301024165

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