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Traktor VS. Serato VS. CDJs


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Suite 909 said:
give me some names then.... house dj's. not techno. not trance.. HOUSE
Sasha, Cox, Dubfire,Tomiie, Lawler, Zabiela, Tong, Vibe, Acquaviva, BT..and the list goes on these are just the ones I can remeber and I've seen...they are all on either ableton or serato or traktor the question is are they big enough for you?


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why not said:
if you've already got turntables, and want to keep using them, then go with serato. if you don't have turntables, than traktor should definitely be considered.
I'm confused?? Why if I got traktor and still wanted to use my TT's, would it be a worse option than serato?

Also, dosen't hooking up your TT's through another piece of hardware like serato/traktor degrade the quality of the audio at all? Especially if you use shitty cables?


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trakor scratch seems pretty cool - it's just unproven and doesn't have the rock-solid reputation that serato does in live performances.

And yes, there's always a chance for sound degradation when you're adding more components to the sound chain...


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I love Serato, but I've been really curious to try Traktor. I've seen some amazing demos of it being used with the Vestax VCI 100 midi controller as well as control vinyl. If you're just going to be fooling around at home, it might be good to look into the VCI-100 because I think it's bundled with Traktor. You could sell your decks and it saves a heck of a lot of space and money.

I like the CDJ 800s and 1000s too, because you can actually kind of scratch with them. They're just ridiculously expensive!