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Traktor Scratch A10 & Scratch Pro 2 - $350


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Selling complete kit of Traktor Scatch A10 soundcard and Scratch Pro 2. Kit includes a soundcard in mint condition, control vinyl (brand new, never used), control CDs (also brand new, never used), all necessary cables, installation software CD, stickers, and the original box.

The reason that the control vinyl and CDs were never used is because I bought Traktor to used with a couple of midi controllers, and figured I'd used the CDs and vinyl at some point, but never did.

The software that it comes with is the 2.0, but Traktor has since upgraded to 2.5, which you can download off their website. Upon sale, I will have to fill out a transfer of ownership form, which I will happily do so that everything is legitimately transferred.

More info here:
MOOG AUDIO - Canada's Best Music Store Online

And you can see the photo in the Cragslist ad here:
Traktor Scratch A10 & Scratch Pro 2