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Traktor Kontrol Z2 - (not just a midi controller)


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The S4 and S2 are nice for what they are but without any audio passing through those channels they are just big midi controllers.

NI have made a proper mixer WITH midi mapping capabilities for a new all in one solution.

On Board Audio Card.. proper Innofaders for Lines and Crossfaders .. doesn't need a computer turned on to hook up CDJs or Turntables.. DVS support for scratch users. Sample Deck Support with nice positions for hot cue buttons. A booth level (finally.. unlike an S2/S4).. Loop control and everything else you'd expect from a traktor device.

Plus it has a midi hub built in so if you want to add an X1 or something ,you can.

Ideally I think this is a nice addon for an X1 or F1 user.