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Trading Vince is only the start....

king of Funk

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First of all: Thank you Mr Carter.

It could have just as easily be the Memphis Raptors you ungrateful Muthafuckas....

'Zo wants nothing to do with Toronto. Not with the exchange rate for Canadian Kidneys being 80%, and at this point Jalen Rose has become the real life equivalent of the "name" player you throw into fantasy league trades to make them look even.

On the other hand they would make an excellent addition to a contending team that only needs them to play 20-25 minutes a game.

For example there's a rumour on CBS sportsline:

Toronto giving up Carter cheap? Please. It finally gets rid of its cancer and helped itself for the rest of the season and the foreseeable future. The two Williamses will be an asset to a team that seems to be at it's best when scrappy. Rumors are that Mourning, Jalen Rose and Donyell Marshall may head to Miami for Udonis Haslem, Eddie Jones and promising prospect Dorell Wright, a 19-year old who Shaquille O'Neal has predicted will one day be a star.

I could live with a deal like that.
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Sugar D

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why does every rumour involve Eddie Jones?? As I said in the other thread, he's as inconsistent as they come. His best days are behind him and his contract is as ugly as Rose's.
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Face it there is very little out there that is very attractive that is available. Raptors need to position for picking up some great young players in the next few years and build something great.


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the best part is reading NJ reaction. Talking how they can finally start playing run and gun with Kid and Jefferson.

I can't wait for VC to get exposed.

The only time the US sees Vince is when hes in the highlight real. Once they see him play a full game "its over"


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maybe, but i have a feeling Vince will got down there and be sick like he used to be. than it will be over all right when he's scoring 30 points a night. vince got a bad rap in toronto from people like you. toronto is the least loyal city of all sports cities.

i no longer like vince so i'm not standing up for him, i'm just calling your position soft.

however, i'm not saying you aren't right cuz vince could easily suck ass, but i've got a feeling he won't and we'll look wacker than we already do. in toront you get two seasons tops unless you are a toolbox named tie domi and than you are on the outs, even if you are good...ie:delgado. one year after an mvp calbre season ='s outs. this cites sports fans are dicktarded. but than again I'm a wings fan...we're used to winning... ;)