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Trade: My 20GB iPod for your 4GB Nano


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I have a 4th generation 20GB iPod with click wheel that I got last October. I am looking to trade straight up for a 4GB iPod Nano. I need something a little bit smaller for the gym!

Includes: 20GB 4th Gen iPod, USB cable, Firewire cable, Dock, and firewire charger, black Apple carrying case.
Excludes: Earbuds (I lost them)

The iPod works fine, and the battery still holds a good charge. It has a few light scratches on the back, but the screen is in good condition. Pictures will be available tonight or tomorrow.

PM or Email: neuf@despammed.com


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I may have an intrested trader.
He has a 4G black.
You have pics??

(not that I dont know what it looks like, yours)


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Sorry, can't find the memory card for my camera, but if you want to see it, I can bring it to you, anywhere in the GTA.
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I have had some interest, but nothing concrete. If I am unable to trade it over the next few days, I will consider selling it for $200 OBO

NB: Those are not scratches on the bottom of the iPod. I was taking a picture without the flash, and I guess my hands are a little shaky. The back of it is in almost perfect, as I always store it in the case.