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Trade - CDJ1000MK3 for 2 Techs + Mixer

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by beatjunkie, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member


    Throwing this out there as Im hoping this is a win/win for both parties.

    Basically missing vynil and am looking for a possible trade for my CDJ1000 MK3 for a pair of decks and decent mixer. The decks would obviouly have to be great working order and require a test run.

    PM me with any offers and I'll take the best one. I'm downtown Toronto.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. DJ Chris Ryan

    DJ Chris Ryan TRIBE Member

    hmmm...i'd consider trading my tech 12's (Mint condition) for a cdj...but no mixer...let me know if interested
  3. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member

    No thanks, not straight up.
    PM if you'd be interested in throwing in some cash on the side then.

    Otherwise couple people have PM'd and they've been responded to.
  4. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member

    Replied back to 1 more.

    For those without tribe accounts.

    shawzy88@ yahoo . com
  5. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member

    Ok willing to trade trade straight up if the decks are in perfect working order with dust covers, decent carts and needles.

    PM or email me please.
  6. Aaron Bradley

    Aaron Bradley TRIBE Promoter

    so you're looking to go vinyl now??? or are you going to use Time encoded shiznit?
  7. pash

    pash TRIBE Member


    what condition are they in...would you be able to post some pics of the actual units?
  8. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member

    Hey guys,

    Im looking to go back to vynil and/or make use of my Serato as well.
    Having now had 2 sets of 1200's I've come to like the MK2 the most as I find it holds pitch better but I'd need them to be in really good condition.

    My CDJ1000 was bought brand new 2 years ago and has a slight scratch beside the pitch bend. It's in perfect working order and has no other blemishes and has always been stored at in the same condo. I can provide some pictures later.
  9. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member

    Now willing to sell the CDJ for $1000 if anyone is interested.
  10. beatjunkie

    beatjunkie TRIBE Member

    Swap secured.
    Thanks guys.

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