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track markers in cooledit


I have a wav file and what i'd like to do is place track markers randomly throughout the file so that when its burnt to cd, the indexes show up as separate tracks on the cd.

anyone know how to do this in cooledit? (without cutnpaste)

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Originally posted by Sporty Dan
There's no way to do that in Cool Edit without cut and paste.

Try using Nero.


Actually I know there is a way because I watched this guy do it last week(don't know how he did it though). I suspect that it takes special burning software to match with cooledit...

Thanks though. What's nero? editing program? where can i get it?


Fluke Skywalker

TRIBE Member
highlight the part of the mix that you want to be one song and then click on the save selected dadadada then just delete that part.

Hint always have it on least zoomed in view when you save becuase it will fuck up otherwise