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track ID

Discussion in 'Trance Room' started by swilly, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    on the danceportal.uk website there is a live set from the earth dance party or whatever at brixton academy. roughly the third or 5 track in the set has this girl singing the lyric " loving you is easy cause your beautifull, making love with u is all i want to do , everything i do is cause i love you la la la la la"" anyways she rambles on with the la la la for about 10 seconds. however it sounds like hard trance or perhaps even nu nrg does anybody know what this track is called
  2. Greg Benz

    Greg Benz TRIBE Member

    Marc Et Claude - I Need Your Lovin'

    There's a bunch of different rmx's of it so I'm not sure what mix your looking for, but that's the name of the track [​IMG]


  3. twitch

    twitch TRIBE Member

    Probably the Ratty Mix [​IMG]
    At least that's the one I like.. kinda cheesy but then so nice and hard.
  4. twitch

    twitch TRIBE Member

    p.s. my copy is on the Positiva label
  5. pachainibiza

    pachainibiza TRIBE Member

    iio-rapture i think your talkin bout..check out that track and let me know...
  6. djmikeconradi

    djmikeconradi TRIBE Member

    Loving You - Marc et Claude

    mines on positiva too
  7. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    nope i checked and they were all wrong the voice of the girl on the iio rapture one sounded similar which leads me to belive there is a relationship was the iio rapture the name of the group or the track
  8. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    ooops i was wrong ok the a second marc et one was correct thankx
  9. FunK_DoCta

    FunK_DoCta TRIBE Member

    ^^^ Silly Willy!

    If you like stuff like Rapture and that song then check out Andrea Brown - Trippin
  10. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

    Ya...from the lyrics you gave...I'd say this one too... [​IMG]

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