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track id


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the truth about uhhh... these bitches and hooooooooos....

fellas... could you pass the blunt... welll.......

the truth is uhhhhh... hooooos... they suuuuuck diiiiiiiick......

..... they turn tricks..... yeah....

we gonna talk about the truth today... them bitches and hos....

all hos turn tricks..... all bitches suuuuuuuuuuuck diiiiiiick


such a wicked track... and the vocals TOTALLY remind me of that old coral way chiefs track 'release myself'.

heard this track on the new Troy Pierce set on paxahau.

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shouldnt you be wearing a helmet and smashing your head into a wall in prep for Speedy J tomorrow and not listening to pansy ass minimal sets?!#?

((actually, it is a good set, and I'm actually listening to his NYC Live mix right now .....but sorry, cant help with the track ID))


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fuck... I already cut off 2 fingers.... shaved part of my back with a cheese grater.... stuck a cinnamon flavoured toothpick in my peehole....

... and now you want me to bash my head off the keyboard?

q34;lysdrl ;

aler s;rw46er;yery; lj



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must say, your enthusiam is somewhat infectious, I've gone from 'well, I'll go and see what all the fuss is about' to being rather excited for it :)
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