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Track ID - ??? "The System Is Upon Us"


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Speedy J / Chris Liebing set


The System the system is upon us
Dark star
Space is (?? cant make out words)
Dark Star
Time will (??? )

has a bit of a guitar riff here and there, a tad rocky in feeling - but not in an annoying way.

any idea?


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It's the Chris Liebing remix of Nitzer Ebb's Fire Fire (forget the actual name)..
The tune got played out a lot last year.. I was starting to wonder if it would ever be pressed but looks like it will be coming out on CL-Rec or one of his labels anyway.

The Alloy Mental version of the track isn't as good IMO.



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Ya, I just snagged a copy of the Alloy Mental version off of soulseek - right ID, but this version of the song isnt as good (like you said)- the one in the set was killer.


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Yeah, the Liebing remix is a lot better. More oomph to it. Hopefully it get's pressed.

*grabby hands for that record*

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Skipper said:
I think it's been released digitally, no?
Not sure. Kate had a copy sent to her but it sounded like there was something mixed out right at the start, and the pitch seems to wander ever so slightly.