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Track ID ...S'il vous plait

Fluke Skywalker

TRIBE Member
I heard this song at Harvest Fest. unfortunately i can't remember who spun it as i was ..well..spun. i would like to know that too if possible..

This track was house, it was a male voice and the chorus was:

"you make me feel so dirty"
(repeated several times)

There was also the line
"sittin in front of my computer screen she says she's 20 but i know she's 17"

(er...i think that's correct)

me love you long time tribe trainspotter massive


TRIBE Member
I'm pretty sure it was guthrie playing it and I am positive that it was Paris the black Fu singing on it, this therefore leads me to belive it is either a new song or new remix of a Detroit Grand Pubahs tune probably off of poker flat....