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Track ID...help me help him out


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need Tribe help with an ID
a friend of mine had a "moment" @ Guv (Oliver played it after 5:30am) to this in Dec and he's been pissing me off trying to get me to help but to no avail...i turn to Tribe

dark, heavy bassline with haunting female vocal repeats "i feel so high" and "i can't stand it" or could be
'i can't take it" or "i'm wasted"...

vague but worth a shot
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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the thing is with the MO, he is generally ALWAYS mixing.
he's got like 3 decks and a couple cd decks. or more.
and something is always going on. good luck, I myself have no clue.


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why dont you try emailing mark from his website to ask him?

hes a very nice individual..id imagine he'll help out if he can figure out what your friend is on about..
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