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Track ID - disco house (?)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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thats what they call disco house now?

man I am really out of the loop

anyways someone is bound to know it...


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it sounds like a bootleg to me however or like a mash-up..though I don't know of what...

timmy P where are you?


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Can't remember the name of the track, but if it helps I'm pretty sure the sample is "love will save the day and music will save our lives", I've heard it before but can't place it.
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it sounds like either a jj flores/smooth track, or maybe a dave armstrong/ dlg track or maybe men of the year sebastian ingrosso/steve angello,
maybe even erick prydze hes been doing some good stuff

try looking for them


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the track is......

Arnold Palmer vs. Moti Special-- Cold Days
--original mix
--groovestylers rmx
--and one more mix i can't remember
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