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What kid toys do you remember playing with as a child?

I used to play with some boy toys, but i fondly remember playing with girl toys such as My Little Pony, Barbie, lego, and I also was a proud collector of the garbage pail kids cards. :p
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the Dreambuilder lego set where you could build a house and stuff... it was pink and purple. I LOVED that thing.

Also, I vaguely remember this toy set that I had when I was really young... it was these sparkle things, I think from space, came with a couple small dolls and a white animal of some sort. I LOVED that thing... I should ask my mom what it was.
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I remember having one of those ready bake ovens that used the heat of a light bulb to bake a cake the size of a muffin....what a stupid idea! but my sister and I were considered soo cool back then for having one. We were practically the queens of the neighbourhood when we'd host our "cake and tea" parties! In retrospect, I wonder how much my parents use to spend on the electricity bill back then....:confused:


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i had an easy bake oven, and i LOVED it.

one of my favourite toys from when i was REALLY young was a bright red car. bigger than the usual toy cars, and it's wheels would wind up, when you ran it backwards, so it would *zoom* across the floor when you let go. i really loved that car. :(

another favourite that no one else seems to remember is my sindy doll. a BETTER version of barbie, cuz she had bendable knees and elbows, and was more reasonably shaped, yet she still fit in all my barbie clothes. [cuz really - - playing barbie was all about the dressing and undressing.]