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Tourism in Detroit


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Included in the news coverage about Detroit being bankrupt were interesting stories about Detroit itself. Their art gallery sounded amazing. Would love to check it out. What else is there to see and do there?
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go to a tigers game. the ball park is amazing.



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Go to Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti, a great place to hang out. It's 30 minutes outside of Detroit. :p


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The Detroit Institute of Arts is well worth a visit. It's also way cheaper than a museum/gallery with that quality of art should be. This is the kind of place I'd expect to pay $20 to get in to. It's only $8. Free if you live in the Detroit area.

The campus of the DIA is also beautiful and nice to walk around.

Detroit is deserted on weekends (and a little dangerous) if there isn't an event going on. That's why I highly suggest going for The Movement festival or when one of their pro teams is playing. It's great just walking around town looking at the old buildings.

I love Detroit. Even though it's in decline, I love seeing the ghost of what once was. It's sad but in a beautiful way.
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Ann Arbor has fantastic food.

Zingerman's is absolutely fucking increadible. Amazing deli with the best of the best of the best in cheeses, meats and fine ingreiends. Great menu/resto attached to it too. They also have a nicer roadhouse locaction (The deli was used for filming and is the place of employement of Jason Sigel in 5 year Engagement)

Chop house is a great place too. best steak i've ever eaten. Impeccable service.

Pacific Rim is also stunning. Pricey, but worth it. Great fusion of French/Asian
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Watching high risk take downs outside Comerica Park while waiting in line at the State Theatre across the street.
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Apparently that is not so good to see anymore... I had gone 10 -12 years ago and it was amazing but my brother went a year or two a go and said a lot of the exhibits are now gone...

We went to Greenwich Village (part of the same complex) last year for the World Tournament of Historic Base Ball and had a great time.


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I go to michigan often (about 4-6x per year) and there's not much to see and do honestly. The zoo I hear is amazing, the ballpark too. But to go there to visit you're really going to see a slice of americana at its finest/worst. There's a shittonne of amazing mid-century architecture if you know where to look, royal oak is a cool vibe hood, but the distances are so damn far to travel between areas that it's a massive pain in the ass.

Overall, I'd spend my time in many other parts of the world before Detroit unless you have to be there anyways then it's not such a bad place to visit.
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