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Total Science @ Turbo

did anyone else notice that it was a wee bit too loud in there tonight? nothing sounds better than loud dnb, but this was pushing it. you couldnt tell mixing from mcing it was just a loud rumble. Everything was fine up until Total Science came on and then someone decided to crank the volume. Besides from that, they dropped some madddd tunes but it just didnt sound right.

oh well sleep time. hopfuly the ringing will be gone when i wake up.
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Yeah at first I thought it was sludge.
But then i looked harder.

and it was floor
and it looked good



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thats what i thought it was..when i got there and was walkin down the stairs.. i'm like holy fuck how is the floor so wet already.. i wasn't gonna go down cause i was wearin new pants... then i realized it wasn't wet..it was shiny!

Shiny happy floors...

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I'm posting my review on Total Science in this thread cuz I'm not interested in Max Graham at all.


I have been waiting for soooooo long to see these guys and I was soooooo impressed! Asides from the bass that actually physically hurt to listen to (my eardrums felt like they were shattering) I moved around the club and found places where the bass didn't hurt at all and I could just stand and boogie to Total Science drawing chune after chune after chune and almost flawless mixing. I haven't danced that hard in such a long time.

I was so happy the whole night cuz I'm pretty much dancing to my idols. This has been an amazing week!! Shy FX and Total Science. I am spoiled.

Afterwards, I went up to the guys from Total Science and told them how good they were. They told me that the Toronto vibe is great and makes it easy for them to play! I was so happy to hear that!! They liked the club and told me they would love to come back to T.O. for sure!! Woohoo!! That means that we made a good impression on 'em as a scene. Everyone was dancing and the vibe was totally positive. Wikkid!! Total Science rules!


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i have to agree that the volume was a bit high...and for some reason the bass was just way to overpowering; i mean i usually like bass but when it drowns everything else out then i think its way to much...all in all tho total science laid down some phat tracks

Nebu kad

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Yes, the accoustics do bite in the downstairs. When it first opened they had the system tuned horribly for a few months. Its' better now, but that's one of the biggest complaints about turbo I hear all the time [that it's too loud]. If some money was spent to kill some of the echo's and reverb, the sound would be clearer, and wouldn't have to be so loud.

what's the other complaint i hear second most? the coat check!
don't even get me started.