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Total Science/Max Graham @Turbo

ecstasy riot

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I suffiently saw both and have to say it was a fun nite. Oh boy. Lots of people. Not enough drinks for my poor soul.

I'm glad I got my 4 star partner to come out even if just for a little bit.

And I saw my best friend finally, who I love to death whut ??

Jungle kicks ass! People don't actually dance up there, I forgot since I'm hardly ever up there.




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good, but I had to leave early

can anyone tell me what the last few traks max played were since I wasnt there

for some reason I always find the end of the sets the best


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Total Science:
mixing - fair, even great a couple of times.
Tunes - Nice and Hard. Rolling and Sweet at times.
Danced and had a great time!



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lots of drinks, lots of friends...a great night...too bad my partner didn't feel the same way...

Astroboy out...
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hello?? at least a "yo man,cya around" or "hey, we're heading home.. u stayin?" or something of that kind..

NO.. out of umm.. 30 (maybe more) ppl i've met there only 3 said good bye!

OK now that my first impulse (uncontrollable rage) is under control.. i'd like to say that max's set was pretty good.. but it didnt KICK ASS like the last time he was at Turbo (max?? wussup buddy? muzik? in the air?).. Total Science threw their stuff hard at the crowd.. decent mixing, lots of vibe.

so.. i hope everybody had a great time
big up all Tribe crew who reached that party, and big up all the peeps who stay at parties till the end. 5am!! sun outside.

Physical G. - Gimme a shout on icq..


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Oh lord.
I really shouldn't go out to clubs before I have to go to work... its such a tease

I saw some old old old friends who I thought stopped partying years ago, which was wierd to say the least.

Thank you to a certain person for taking me out after months of staying cooped up at work, I REALLY wish I didn't have to leave so early



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brian..i didn't see you there.. whats up!

well.. i'm at work now..wasn't sure i was gonna make it after i started grabbin a few rounds of those tasty rye an gingers.. (WHATS WITH NO REV?>??@?@!?@?.. next time let me bring my own then!)

lineup moved fast.. pretty impressed with that... occupied my time in line reading over the wemf flyer, anyway...

as for the music..it was good background music.. but i was gettin all the socializing in that i could before i had to trek back to ajax to crash for a couple hrs..

1 thing i CAN say about my first exposure to max graham.. he seems to be into what he plays.. i like that.. i went up front for 5min before i left to watch the man in action..

thought i heard a couple chintzy mixes along the way..but who cares...

good to see every1..

now onto my lovely 12hr shift

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My body hates me right now...

Definitely a fun night
I kept switching floors. Max Graham spun a pretty tight set from what I got to hear... all progressive, melodic at times, but never abrasive. Total Science was pretty tight too... but was that Happy Hardcore I heard for a bit there??? Who was that MC with that damn sexy voice?

It was cool switching between floors... it was like visiting to entirely different clubs. I must admit, the vibe upstairs was a lot more hype though.

Note to self: never dance more than 2 minutes at a time to D&B


ecstasy riot

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WhAT MARCIA??? YOu were there

I was there, I'm still up and everyone who did bad things is asleep, my body loves itself.



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OMG i'm dead. DEAD. Max was good. Found myself craving all sorts of other music through out the night, but whatever. It sufficed. We always managed to keep having the best times. I danced. All night. ALL fucking night. Like, when i say all...i mean ALL.

Brian you were there?? FAACK.

Dave, thanks for making it out with me, always the bestest times with you. Jus next time try to hold out a little longer so i have a ride home, k?

Chris! Omg guy you're the best...must party it up with you more. Cuz you're beautiful. Just BEAUTFUL!

LOUIE...lemme tell you, it takes quite the character to get Tina to stay at Turbo till close. I have no voice left from talking with you so much. One fucking incredible night thanks to you. We must do another staying awake for two day binge then dancing at 6am to Electric Avenue SOON!
Sooo fucking wikkid.

All around, one fantastic night.



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Max definitely lived up to his bio...hehe...seriously he was awesome. Very clean mixing with a keen sense of programming that had the dance floor flipping out at times. I especially like when a dj is very animated...which Max was...it made his set even better.



max graham

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the night never quite took off to that next level did it...

and the cd player was giving me a hard time, that was causing the skips you heard...!@#$@

next time...

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I missed jordan tina and dave


next time

and dave dont forget our drinking contest...rev hahahaha....welcome to the world of tequila


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Max, don't apologize, your set was wikked, the vibe upstairs was good, everyone was happy and dancing...and your tracks were tight!

Astroboy out...


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by max graham:
the night never quite took off to that next level did it...


don't get me wrong- i liked the set, but you kind of started out at the next level instead of building towards it.

heard tons of new tunes- which was nice- the best was right at the end- the last 4 or so tracks starting with the scorchenberg mix.

who was on right after max? some of the stranger tunes and mixing i've heard in a while- not bad, just odd.
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Great night, but I had to leave early

Max was incredible about 1/2 the time, and the other half he was still pretty good. Energy upstairs was much better than downstairs, but it was packed really tight up there.

Who was on upstairs before Max? At around midnight there were some really sick tracks.

Good to see everyone (however briefly - I was kinda in a zone), and good to meetcha Jake_the_Snake.



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Last night was great times with great people. Bumbaclat, Headwinds, Metal Morphosis, and all the other people I partied with, just want to thank you for the wikked night. Personally, I thought Max's set was solid, with few bumps along the way.

Had a great night, but now it's off to the wonderful world of promotions, bye bye...


P.S. My poor blue shirt!!!

Metal Morphosis

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Good times, good people, good music.

Sepia is such a wicked track Max!!!

So many familiar faces to chat with, not sure i was in any one place for more than 5 min. at a time.

i personally prefered Max's set at Tonic in April. Totally put Oakie to shame. But last night was good nonetheless.

Don't worry about the *bumps* in your set Max.
We will remain loyal fans.

Thanks to Bumbaclat for the wicked hospitality.
MC Bias, what to do with poor little blue...


DJ Doublecross

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Last night was fun, I haven't seen so many familiar faces at Turbo in a long time. Both rooms were good, except they went a bit insane with the volume downstairs! Holy shit, I had earplugs in and I still found it loud! Maybe I'm just old though.

Can't wait for the Tribe party next friday!

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