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Tortilla Flats: Last Call Before 2004!


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Hey it's Wednesday!

Once again, and for the last time in this year, we're going to hook up for dinner and pre-element debauchary.

Come one, come all!!!

Robin and I will be there at 8:30, sharp. Probably at the back somewhere.

We'll be headed over to element to be there eaarrrrrrrrrrrlly for customer appreciation night!

Come out and celemabrate! $2.50 BEER :p
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Originally posted by JuNiOrR
two non tribers are coming as well!

my pals Josh and Che... the numbers are growing

You have a friend named Che? And *I'M* going to meet him???? The night is getting amazing already.

I can't wait to borrow your camera (and handy arm-tie) to wreak some havoc on the un-photogenic. ([read] me)

Dr Funk MD

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Mexican food!!!!

Well I guess it's better to have something in your stomach before you ralph.

I'm down with your jive.
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