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torrent downloading times?


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I don't do much torrent downloading, but when I do it always takes 3 or more days just to download a TV episode.

Is this normal?? There must be some way to make it faster - please enlighten me!!
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what do you use? I use BitLord and maxed my simulataneous downloads and max download speed. now I average around 70-80kbps. Im ok with that.
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TaCk OnE?

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I got download speeds of 950k a second today.

got a 190 meg file in 4 minutes.


but that's on a t2 line at work with azurius for osx.


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sheik rock said:
Make sure your port forwarding and everything is in order.

I think that is the problem unfortunately. Something about the airport not keeping everything open for security reasons.


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I use Tomato torrents with Mac OSX. I average 70-250k/sec over wireless. I go by 3 general rules.

1. Make sure torrent has seeders, most recent tv shows always do.
2. Make sure you open the correct ports, it was like 6881-9 (may be dated)
3. Make Rogers isn't your ISP - packet shaping theives.



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i use azereus and used the settings i found on a wiki page about getting around rogers packetshitting and i've been getting 500-700k consistently since then:D
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