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Torontos' Underrated Techno Producers


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Originally posted by musork
oh well last we exchanged words I was told they be berliners now...

I thnk they'd rather be berliners [due to the fact that their music is much more appreciated in Europe]
but there still kicking it in Toronto, doing their thing...though they do tend to tour over there every once in a while....

Hopefully they'll be playing a live show in Toronto sometime in the near future *wink*

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Originally posted by tEkKiD
^ i miss your jams for one...

monolake. such a wicked time:D

[edit] post count: Naw and Douglas are getting along call the post count people ;):D (4111) extra one because we are #1.

gee dude thanks...
well im tring Im honestly tring to make it bak to tdot... its really only a matter of a good paying it job... in the 40k range...
know of any...


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Originally posted by OhNo!
Arthur Oskan

just continues to make sick,sick beats.i hope it gets out to the masses soon.


the boys are back in town.i really enjoyed their earlier plates and looking forward to more shit in the future.

Rian Torrance

this guys is making some serious beats boy.he's focusing alot of attention on his studies right now but expect to hear more from him.sidenote: he's matt and mark thibadeau cousin.

Just in the event you never heard some of the stuff I have been doing over the last little while I will give you the same link I did in the producers room of some of my stuff. Its not all 4 to the dance floor but the new stuff we are doing will be.

Girl H -- Done in the Summer of 93. (Harder Dance Floor)

Autumn Electronique -- Fall 2003 (a bit closer to house)

Minus 40 In Yorkville - Winter 2002. (Electro Atmospheric Listening Stuff I think)