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torontobreaks.com back online (after hacking incident)

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
torontobreaks.com is back online!

Well, it took a while, but we've finally got everything back online. Well, not everything, but most of the stuff that matters, anyway...

Our server was hacked a week and a half ago, and we lost everything... we had most of our files backed up on our computers, but not everything. We lost a good portion of our party pics, which is a shame because those cannot be recreated. So, the pictures section is temporarily offline at the moment. We were able to locate some pics however, and they will be back online shortly.

As well, the DJ Charts section is offline. It will be back up in a week or so.

I am pleased to announce that the music section is back online, and better than ever! There's tons of new audio from the likes of Switch, Willar X, Robb G, Big League Chu, Madhatter, Tech-Tonique, DJ Blake, and more. There's still a bunch of sets that we need to upload. The music section should be complete in a week or so.

The productions section is temporarily offline. We have yet to upload the audio. Again, it'll be sorted within a week.

We will actually be redesigning the site over the next little while, and the new version is set to launch in 2 weeks. I'll keep you posted.

peace out, from the torontobreaks.com crew!


TRIBE Member
If any DJs (who are currently listed on torontobreaks.com) have any mix CDs that they would like to be made available online, please email me. We have a lot of room on our new audio server, so I'd like to get as many sets up there as possible. Sorry, We can't really put tapes up, as they are an immense hassle to encode into real audio.



Willar X

TRIBE Member
Looks above

Lisa and Angus have biomerged as LAMBCHOPS.

Anyways enuff of this silly useless talk :)

Angus call me please. need to ask u something.



TRIBE Promoter
I love torontobreaks.com ...
to me its the one thing that UNITES all us to-breaks dJ's.

re: mixed sets...
I have some old sets from parties I recorded on MD....
Ill bring em by angus.

hey, whats up from oTTAWA!!!!
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Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member

Thanks dude. I sometimes wonder whether it's all worthwhile, so it's good to hear that people are diggin it.

MD poses the same problem as tapes. They take way too long to encode. The only way I can put sets up are if they are in MP3, CD, or already in real audio format. Please understand that I do not have a whole lotta free time. So, if you could burn it to CD or something for me, it would make my life a lot easier.

We are in the process of getting a ton of web space together to host MP3 sets! I will have more news on this in a little bit.

PEACE out.

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Angus... dont get discouraged... ToBreaks is wicked... it just need updating... monthly information..

maybe you guys and Robbs State of Breaks should hook up and get a wicked updated news thing happening...

but fresh and updated is the way to go...

unlike my webpage... I never update it anymore... I need a new page... please god some one help me... LoL
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Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Really? It needs to be updated?? who knew??

I'm doing the best I can with it... I work a full time job, among other things. I try to put about 5-10 hours a week into torontobreaks, and that includes updating the party info, putting up new pics, updating DJ info, promoting, bla bla bla...

Basically, I'm working on it when I have time, and I haven't had too much time lately. I put in at least 15 hours last week trying to get everything back online.

There is a redesign coming very soon.


TRIBE Promoter
do anyone think its a good or a bad idea to somehow combine the tribe breaks message board to the torontobreaks.com website?

I am addicted to this breaks room
which is full of torontobreakers and Toronto DJ"s..
(yO, no offence to dJ Eclectic & to those outside the 416 either)

would that work??