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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Caz, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Caz

    Caz TRIBE Member

    this city is crazy. I just got back from playing at club 254 on adelaide. The place was on-and-off busy, but the thing i noticed most was the madd peeps on the street. i love how T.O loves to jam. I played a sick set at 254, and now we are on our way to another party, whoever will accept us now. looks like Milano's.

    Anyway, shouts out, Im hammerred and this city is awesome...
  2. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese TRIBE Member

    shouldn't you still be out?
  3. Caz

    Caz TRIBE Member

    nah, just took it back to the home base with the people im out with. spinning trax, the perfect way to finish a good night. soooo glad i didnt go too nutty, i can actually enjoy sleep this time.
  4. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    Marty you didn't make it out to Breakfest ya ninny.
  5. Skipper

    Skipper TRIBE Member

    Where are you from? (I'm guessing not Toronto.)
  6. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    Marty is from Newmarket.
  7. Caz

    Caz TRIBE Member

    ya we got a little too messed up at the first place we went to. Plus the manager had us spin until way past when we were supposed to. How was breakfest? i wish i got to see DJ Love
  8. Caz

    Caz TRIBE Member

    ya i grew up in Scarborough, but Ive been in Newmarket for the past 10 years. It makes it soo much better when i go to the city now, not living there and all
  9. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    I had a blast!! Check out the party reviews...lots of great pics posted. I hope you had a fun night, sounds like ya did!:D
  10. Eccentric (LRG)

    Eccentric (LRG) TRIBE Member

    Man, its decided as of last Saturday.
    I love it.
    Make room cause in I'd say less then a year this is where I'll be.

    And all it took was some booze, not getting carded everywhere, Some cool people, a hot boy, and pretty lights.

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