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Toronto West End Dog Walker/$12/Half,$15/Hour!


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Hello! I am an available dog walker who can take your furry friend out for morning, afternoon or evening walks. Only condition is that the dog must be friendly with other dogs as I take my own dog on the walks also.

I have a car so am flexible with locations but prefer to be between Runnymede to Spadina and Eglinton to King. Quite a broad range of areas!

Please email me for more info, I charge $12 for a half hour walk or $15 for an hour. I will bring toys for the dogs to play with and will go to off leash parks where available.

Thank You and I look forward to meeting your furry friend!
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Afaik, we aren't permitted to advertise services in this forum. Otherwise, I'd be posting my availability as a shiatsu therapist and yoga teacher on the regular.

(see what I did there?)


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since when? if we can have people posting that they want to hire someone for a particular service, surely we can have people posting that they're offering services as well.


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While not stated, I'm guessing the rules are the same as in the Buy & Sell forum. I'll defer this one to the 'd'.